Divine Mother Chants

by Tey Jyoti

Released 2014
Tey Music
Released 2014
Tey Music
Spiritual music that invokes the presence of the divine mother with much devotion, truth, and clarity, to bring you gentle joy, peace, and love.
".. my 3 year old son sings Amba Amba while dancing around in circles"
"..got me through the week.."
".. it's a great cd for sitting on the freeway parking lot!"
".. I was crying listening to the cd."
".. amazing record! so beautiful! .. and can i tell you again how much I love this recording!"
".. will be a worldwide hit in its genre!"
".. one word for the cd... amazing!!! love it!"
".. awesome CD! LOVE it!!! really gorgeous:):):)"
"Tey is made for these peaceful, devotional chants"

".. touching the grace of God through the chants is a gift." - Tey