Rama Bolo

by Tey Jyoti

Released 2017
Tey Music
Released 2017
Tey Music
Invokes the presence of the divine with much devotion, truth, and clarity, to bring you gentle joy, peace, and love. A new spin on Kirtan! Melodic, devotional, emotional, and believe it or not, romantically divine
Tey Jyoti put her own spin on Kirtan! Melodic, devotional, emotional, and believe it or not, romantically divine.
Invokes the presence of the divine with much devotion, truth, and clarity, to bring you gentle joy, peace, and love.
Reviews: ".. my 3 year old son sings Amba Amba while dancing around in circles"
"..got me through the week.."
".. it's a great cd for sitting on the freeway parking lot!"
".. I was crying listening to the cd."
".. amazing record! so beautiful! .. and can i tell you again how much I love this recording!"
".. will be a worldwide hit in its genre!"
".. one word for the cd... amazing!!! love it!"
".. awesome CD! LOVE it!!! really gorgeous:):):)"
"Tey is made for these peaceful, devotional chants"

August 24, 2007 Shinobi
"Soulful music from a beautiful woman. Very rare does beauty, musical talent and natural attraction all work so well with one person. Tey is a raw talent. A multi dimentional artist with a goal in mind to give the world a little bit of her world. Initially, you are caught by her beauty not realizing there is so much more behind this young lady. As I listened to many of her songs I noticed how she pays homage to the old R&B classics while adder herself. Only a try lover of music and artist can make you feel so good to listen to her. We expect a lot from Tey over the next few months. It is going to be a wonderful treat to see what else she has in store for our listening pleasure. You can turn off the radio and just pop in your mp3 player and sit back and enjoy what Tey has to offer."

April 10, 2007
Beautiful to Hear and See.. Dancer, model, actress, and more importantly, singer, Tey is a Philippine native who was raised in Chicago. She combines a voice that's as rich as dark chocolate with a look that could melt even Chicago's notorious winter ice. From Aretha to Sade Tey's vocal styling ranges from brassy R&B to seductively cool.
November 11, 2006
Asian Album Of The Year 11 November 2006 r-H's album, Black Asia Volume 1, was awarded 2nd place winner in the Best Asian Album of the Year Category. His song, Lemon Grass, from the same album, was awarded the 5th position in the best Asian Song Category. 1st place went to the album "A Compilation of Tibetan Folk and Freedom Songs" by Techung of Tibet and 3rd place went to Quoc-Bao of Vietnam for the album "Tales (nhung chu yenke)". Best Asian Song winners: (1st) Unspoken Love by Mari Iijima ~ CA., USA (2nd) Looking For A Real Love by Tey Punsalan ~ Phillipines (3rd) Tibok Ng Puso by BEVERLY ~ Phillipines (4th) 911 by TSUTOMU feat. Koichi Sugiura ~ Japan (6th) Winter Fairytale by Lyudmila Smolyakova ~ Russia
June 02, 2007 The Wizard
In today's music world The Wizard wishes Tey and her group, just back from their 2007 Mid-East Tour, entertaining our United States Troops, were booked for the Voodoo Music Fest. I think Tey Punsalan, and her entourage, deserve a lot of thanks, and credit, for going to the dangerous Middle East, and unselfishly doing a great job, showing a lot of heart, doin their thing, for our Armed Forces, who are a long ways from home and in constant danger.
March 26, 2007 Peter Leinheiser
Captivating singer and songwriter, Tey, will entertain U.S. troops in Southwest Asia with her lush vocals and eye-catching dance moves, April 27-May 19. Her show, which includes an ensemble of dancers and musicians, offers a variety of pop, R&B and dance music, served up with Tey's trademark smooth delivery and dramatic flair. Tey, shown here practicing a military drill behind an Epiphone Les Paul, required of all USO touring artists.
November 11, 2006
Asian Album Of The Year - Tey Punsalan wins along with Mari Iijima, BEVERLY, TSUTOMU feat. Koichi Sugiura from Japan, Lyudmila Smolyakova from Russia
August 14, 2006 Ben Nachman
Material: Tey’s music is firmly rooted in the dance-pop genre, and relies on a relatively simple construct of vocals, club beats and minimal arrangements for keyboard and synthesizer. While the material may seem formulaic at times, Tey is a gifted songwriter and vocalist who sets herself apart with a raw sexuality and a palpable soulful influence that lends a melodic quality to her material. Tey’s set was almost entirely composed of original songs centered on themes of love and sex, and a well-chosen cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” is an appropriate song that serves to frame Tey’s fare. Musicianship: Relying on pre-recorded backing tracks, the only musician onstage was Tey herself, who doesn’t play any instruments. The tracks are solid, however, and an appropriate showcase for Tey’s considerable talent as a singer. Performance: Tey’s live performance was equal parts cabaret act and live musical performance. It was the live setting that allowed Tey to truly shine. Accompanied by a pair of male dancers decked out in retro garb (think Michael Jackson Thriller-era), and a pair of female dancers whose attire wouldn’t seem out of place in most strip clubs, the emphasis was just as much on the visual as the aural. It was a provocative stage act, to be sure, and definitely intended for an adult audience. Though her live show was more about choreographed dance moves than musical virtuosity, Tey proved herself to be a consummate performer who exuded charm and cheerfully interacted with her audience. Summary: Far from the run-of-the-mill L.A. club show, Tey’s live act brings club culture to the small stage with tremendous results. She’s carved out a niche for herself in an overcrowded and often unoriginal dance-pop genre; and, one must credit Tey for realizing that good songwriting is important.
May 05, 2005 very-clever.com
Tey is a Hot New Star. Tey has a soft, gentle voice which is both coy and fanfiful. Take Me High has a beautiful lilt. I look forward to her next project.

Mary Rudy
by Mary Rudy, http://www.muzikreviewz.com Tey Punsalan has a dynamite voice that is strong, vibrant and projects every note she belts out. And along with that the musicianship on her ‘Take Me High’ CD is of top caliber. Tey’s strongest vocal points on this cd in my opinion are wrapped in her song, 'World Without You', she demonstrates exactly what she has to offer the listener in her vocal talents. At this time in a review I usually name a few of the tracks that caught my attention, I have decided not to do that this time around as every single song on this cd is more than worth mentioning....Tey has the ability to be an playful artist while at the sametime she can bring a tear to your eye. Excellent work!! You the listener needs to hear this lil' lady and you can catch her at http://www.teypunsalan.com BOTTOM LINE: High Caliber of Talent…..Excellent Musicianship…..Vocals to capture your heart and soul……Messages in each song that can be identified by someone - somewhere at anytime….Make sure to visit Tey Punsalan’s Website at: http://www.teypunsalan.com/ , purchase your own ‘Take Me High’ CD.
May 02, 2006 Laura Turner Lynch
TEY – THAT'S HOW I FEEL TONIGHT: Tey Punsalan is an actress, model and alto tenor singer. Tey was born in the Philippians and came to the United States as a child. Growing up in Chicago, Illinois she developed wide musical tastes with an inclination towards powerful female vocalists such as Barbara Streisand and Natalie Merchant. Since a young age Tey has been writing songs and today she is penning and performing. That's How I Feel Tonight features nine dance/pop mixes of spirited covers and animated originals. Tey's delivery is smooth and sultry, easily flowing over up-tempo rhythms. The CD opens strong with the title track written by Tey. The song is melodic with Tey's breathy singing melding over a solid beat and subtle sound effects. Her version of 'Never Knew Love' is lively with Tey's vocals lilting over a danceable drum track. Tey Punsalan's music will keep you moving and That's How I Feel Tonight is very radio friendly! • Recommended Tracks: (1,5) USA/IL 2006
Leigh Silberg
Tey Punsalan , possesses a unique alto tenor voice , that is simultaneously beguiling & altruistic in nature. Her emotive vocal technique of subtle resonance , speaks to the heart & soul of a listener. Tey is an audio temptress of sonic dreamscapes Her “Take Me High” project , has a reflective ambiance that echos Anita Baker & Diana Ross ; The title cut is compositionally an extension of her musical art that distinguishes Tey Punsalan from a vocal & visual perspective , with a sultry & hypnotically romantic impact “Looking For A Real Love” is a four-four time dance tune that melds elements of electronica into a platform that Cher or Madonna would feel comfortable performing ; The difference that makes the effect of the music unique is the treatment that Tey Punsalan effects in her Vox. She handles the emotive arrangement with a delicacy that is not redundant or pretentious. This cannot be said of the former or latter “World Without You” is a fine ballad with a syncopated groove that contains a splash of Caribbean flavor. A positive lyrical message compliments the proceedings ‘You’ve Stopped Loving Me” breaks out with a minor cadence pocket , coupled to an urban influenced pulsation. A reflective & somber aura encases a diversity of mood that highlights Tey Punsalan’s emotive diversity ‘Sex On The Beach” is a tune that shadows a touch of Bananarama meets Cyndi Lauper ; Whereas in ‘Tease Me” , a trip-hop element is brought into the mix & widens the perspective with a subtle intimation of intention Tey Punsalan intrinsically encapsulates multiple qualities of entrancement & magnetism that are hard to resist. A mysterious enigmatic flow of presence follows Tey Punsalan , everywhere she ventures Whether it be on the cinematic screen or international music performance stage , Tey Punsalan projects a beatific image that would be the envy of say , a Tia Carrere , if the latter had a voice Tey Punsalan is an entertainment enigma , that defies description , as she travels towards a star that shines onwards into a destiny of light & love
March 27, 2006 Barb Hill
playing "What Can I Do" by Tey Punsalan
January 19, 2005 Trent Cupbiak
Tey Punsalan has an amazing voice. This collection of pop-techno lets her voice really shine. She has the kind of voice our mainstream pop-princesses should be envious of. I wonder what she would sound like backed by synthesised keyboards and guitar... or even piano and violins
Michael Mollura
‘Take Me High’ has a tranquilizing quality to it—even for a cd that intends to party. Very sweet and delicate performances. It has a quiet and sexy melodic feel to it and certainly shows Tey as an artist. The songs have a necessary dance vibe that is nicely manifested. The production is clear. The melodies are very catchy. Tey’s voice is pristine. There’s a lot to say about her work. Most importantly, there is something about the presentation that seems guided by the great creative power. ‘Stay on your path with the burning determination that emanates from your soul’.
March 20, 2006 Son of Pearl
The Silk that comes from her voice you can wrap yourself in on a cold night as the rain falls on your window pane. The passion in her words lead you to that place that keeps you up all night waiting for that phone call....the production is tight and being a bass player I love the grooves that are there but not in the way of the words. www.suavityrecords.com Get the cd..... Son Of Pearl
March 06, 2005 Don Kimenker
Tey's CD, "Take Me High", is a collection of 9 pop/dance tunes that starts with vocals inspired by the King of Pop - quivering tenor/alto vocals paint atop a slow groove and airy background voices. The background vocals have a helium taking-her-(pitch)-high quality that is interesting and endearing. The tune showcases Tey's voice. The dance groove explodes with "Looking for a Real Love", which has a beat that would be at home on any dance floor or video game dance machine. Track 5, "Sex on the Beach" reinforces the sexuality that Tey exudes through her music. The happy tune exclaims, 'i want to have sex on the beach, come on move your body, come on where's the party tonight'. "Tease Me", track 8, continues the sultry direction as vocal samples of whispers, groans, and near-orgasmic moans pepper the beat. The overall groove is our favorite on the record as, although continuous, starts and stops in a jerking musical motion with the keys and instruments. Listen. The final track, "I Can't Sleep", is sung in a language we believe to be Tagalog. The result is a mysterious and provocative sound that moves the dance floor yet again.
November 10, 2005 d.day liacco
Tey Punsalan - pop singer who sings both in English and Tagalog (she's like a Pinay Samantha Fox or something)
January 14, 2005 Don Kimenker
Tey's CD, "Mouthful of Love", is a tamer and more adult contemporary pop vocal r&b effort than Tey's two other dance/pop entries here. The title track, which is the last tune on the CD, is sweet acoustic guitar based love song which is more about story and lyrical journey than about groove and pop stances. The title is clearly designed for suggestive double meaning - as are the lyrics - 'i've got a mouthful of love. . a box full of joy. . got a pair of helping hands. . you can come at any time. .. But the song, mp3'd here, is about encouragement and relationship support. Artistically it's a deeper picture into Tey's person. On the CD there are versions of some songs that also appear on "Take Me High" like 'Looking. . ", "Sex on the Beach", and "Take Me High". Most notably, however, are the four tunes done in Tagalog. They are beautifully and seemingly heartfelt - although we don't know what she's singing about...and it doesn't really matter since it just sounds good. The opening track, "Isan Linggo Na Naman", has an Anita Baker quality to Tey's vocals that is pure and clear. Adult contemporary r&b with a touch of dance by a fine singer and pop performer.
Very cool high energy dance music from L.A. based Tey Punsalan. Tey has a very soft and gentle voice that is very enjoyble to listen to. Starting a pop album with a ballad is a daring move but Tey pulls it off seamlessly. And while she does drift a bit into Cher territory on "Looking for a Real Love",Tey bounces back strong on the rest of this album. The one thing I found curious on this album is the parent warning label....there is nothing on this album that you wouldn't find on a mainstream dance album. This is a nice glimpse at a talent that will glow brighter with her next release. Recommeded
Johnny Pecayo
Tey Punsalan : A Compleat Entertainer
April 15, 2005 Jun Camacho
Tey Punsalan : The Artist as a Filipina We have to admit that we got a little carried away when we did the photo shoot for this story - making our lives more difficult when we had to choose from the pile of 150 pictures - which photos to run. Originally from Chicago, Tey moved to Los Angeles to make a mark as a performer and she surely has! Most passionate for life itself, Tey surely is making most out of it. " I think life is heaven on earth if we just let it and see it," she stated. " I see the ocean and the trees and the flowers and the sky and what more can you ask for at that moment in time," she continued. "We have choices and we have an abundance of things around us and that's why we are here, to enjoy life. Life makes my art possible."
December 01, 2005
One of favorite songwriters
August 20, 2005 Maya Sapungco
1. Describe your publicity and promotion mix, how are you reaching people, how are you letting them know about your music and message? TEY: Any way and any where possible. Here’s just some examples: Live shows anywhere from 1 mile...