Develop a more active lifestyle which will improve not only your Health, but also your Mood, Sleep, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Quality of life.  Relationships too! 

Find something that you enjoy.  Walk the malls, Swim. Skate, Dance, Bike, Yard work.  Play Tennis.  Enroll in a class.    



Commit to visit at least one new place (no matter how close).  If you have to make a choice between buying something new or going on a trip, TAKE THE TRIP.

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods.” - Dr. Thomas Gilovich.



Prioritize relaxation of both the Body and the Mind.  Walk, Read, Write, Paint, Meditate, Take a bath, Take Deep breaths.  Whatever it is you like/ love to do, DO IT.

Stress takes a toll on our Health, Peace, Joy, Relationships.



Try new things.  Achieve goals you never thought possible.   

Growth and development occur when you step outside your comfort zone.  

Do one thing every day that scares you.  Take it on.



We have become social zombies.  As I walk through airports and such, spend time with friends and family, our phones have become our priorities.  

I’m not sure why we have to post our every meal, every outing.  Why do we put such pressure on ourselves to make our life look exciting to others?  What’s happening on the outside?  When ultimately, all that matters is what’s on the inside.  

Life IS exciting. But not in the way society dictates it.  

What excites me most are the quiet moments with the Divine.  Our real time connection when we look into each other’s eyes.  



When we do this, we will have a greater capacity to excel in our own careers, focus on spending more time with our families (instead of worrying), have resources needed to serve in our communities.

Get professional guidance and support if needed.



Make this a part of your daily life.  Perform at least one act (small or grand) of serving (or giving) to others.  Whether it’s someone you know, or not.  When we give and serve others, we are able to appreciate our own lives and what we have.


Please keep me posted.


Enjoy the challenge!
Tey all of what you said is so good, And the point you made about social media is very true people tend to show off where they go what they have, and it makes problems for others who can't do all the things they see on these sites, we all are guilty of the necessary evil of keeping up with everyone's post and I'm guilty as anybody of posting a lot, bit I try to post stuff that's positive like hiking or anything keeping hate away, but sometimes it bleeds through anyway, I have lost 2 friends due to a Facebook misunderstanding, we don't speak in real life or social media and it's sad, but words get said and sometimes you can't take them back , I like taking chances, for instance I want to hike higher harder places, for this year I hope a lot can be chaged, getting out of debt is a nice thing I hope can be somewhat eased this year!! Thanks for this blog very good Tey have a great night :)) ,

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