On most weekends, I try not to have any reason to set my clock’s alarm to wake me up.  I allow my body to be my alarm clock.  It usually knows what it needs.  


I set my alarm clock, not just for the time I need to wake up.  I set it 10 minutes before I have to walk out the door.  And then again when I actually have to leave.


I often set it when I’m cooking, baking, oil pulling, doing the laundry.  I use it to make sure that I make a phone call, send a text, email.  


I love naps, so I need it for that.  At home, in the car.  


I can keep going here.  I’m thinking now, that I should probably even start setting it half an hour before I should go to bed.  And when I really Should be in bed.  


A guru (teacher, guide, master, expert) acts as an Alarm Clock.  Wakes us up to the Truth.  To our Duty or Destiny (Dharma). 


I hope you have a wonderful teacher or guide.  And maybe we need one for every different aspect of lives.  For work.  For play.  For spirituality.  For our minds.  Our hearts.  Our bodies.  You name it.

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