I got stuck several times in the snow today.  

I now drive a little SUV, since my Chevrolet Volt had a habit of getting stuck at parking spaces during wintertime.

The first time I got stuck was in the Very beginning of a left turn into a wide street, perpendicular to a very busy road.  I was coming out of a big parking lot of a major fitness chain.  I say all this because it was completely unexpected.  It was already 10 in the morning, but, I suppose, the plow trucks hadn’t gotten to it yet.  

It was a good thing that there were no cars around me.  That most people had stayed home that morning.  It took a few tries, but I didn’t have to get out of my car to get unstuck.  

I then stopped at a store.  It was tough choosing a parking space since the plow trucks had, again, not gotten to that area yet.  

I wasn’t in the store for more than 10 minutes.  I then got stuck finding my way out of there.  I thought I could wiggle my way out, but to no avail.  I got out of my car to free up my tires.  I noticed a plow truck nearby and he came towards me.  He informed me that he would plow a path in front of my car so I can drive forward.  After a few tries, I went on.  

Then on that same parking property, while making a right turn at the light, I was, once again, stuck.   It took a few tries to get going.  A few was about seven tries.  

The consolation prize to being stuck is that, we have no choice but to drive oh-so-carefully: We become very giving drivers.  

Being in the middle of a snow storm, especially while stuck, and no choice but to stay put, is serene.

I became present.  ALIVE.


I'm sorry about your messages being cut off. I could read all of your words on the email I received, but it surely doesn't show up here on the website. I will have to check on that. Thank for being patient and writing again.
Hi again for some reason all my message got cut off, anyways I'm so done with winter, I want sun
Yea Tey y'all got a pretty big snow storm up there, do me a favor keep it up there lol ha ha

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