are men as faithful

.. as their options? they name tiger woods, bill clinton, brad pitt, hugh grant, kobe bryant.. are men ONLY as faithful as their options? how about women? are women only as faithful as their options as well then? i know men are women are made differently.. VERY differently but i just wanted to be fair :) talk to me cause i have heard all sides..


Bonnie Markle - Alysha and Andy,I love all of the pictures but I esaeicplly love the first one and the close up family picture!!He just gets cuter and cuter every day!!!! Good Photographer too!!!
Essays like this are so important to broiednang people's horizons.
So, Tey, Tey, is that why I haven't heard from you much? Because you are involved with someone else?
i must agree with you here PrinceTron
Men r more moved by what they physically see. Women r more moved by what they hear, security, money, comfort, etc.. With men like Tiger, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & various others, the temptations r so much stronger because not only because of their looks but what they can provide as far as money, fame, etc. They get approached by the finest women in the world. Also, just like regular ordinary people, they have problems in relationships. It's not just 1-sided. There's issues about communication, spending time, attention, travelling, etc. In my opinion, it takes a man or a woman 2 love God, constantly pray & run from potential issues as far as cheating & being unfaithful. Some men would have 2 literally run from other women 2 stay faithful 2 their wives. Because when it comes 2 sex, the majority of men r weak & can't resist temptation. But with God, anything is possible.
I can count the number of times I cheated in a relationship, on one hand.
Jesse, i'm sure there's someone there perfect for you and you for her.. sorry to hear about your heartache but i'm sure this saying goes for men too.. "before prince charming you will have to kiss a lot of frogs" glad to hear your thoughts and experiences! Added: Jan 2 2010 2:09am
i get a bad rap cuz i was a bit of a "player" when i was younger but im bout to b 26 n i jus got left by a girl i loved so much and i was faithful as coud be to her i jus wanted 2 start a famiy n have a real relationship n she used me n lied to me but when i was the asshole girls jocked i think alotta unfaithfulness is brought on by the girl noot apppreciatin a good thing it makes guys think thats what girls its girls like my ex that that leave guys no choice...i tried b everything she wanted loyal honest and only wanted 2 be wit her n i got shit on for it so whats a guy in my situation supposed to think...jus know theres guys like me out there that jus want sme1 to love and be loved back excusively....but all my friends that cheat r the ones wit steady girlfriends and kids and i cant even find sme1 jus happy wit me...i hope my oipinion helps sme1 and if theres any girls lookin for what im lookin for id love to meet you....
Jennifer, lol thank you! it's debatable yes.. fortunately or unfortunately i do not really know of women you have cheated and/or are cheating :) it's very sad yes.. but is it always lack of values? does it always have to reflect one's character?..
Oooh, such a debateable topic. I know too many men who cheat. And I know girls who do, also. It's sad - says so much about their character and lack of values. Love the music, by the way. Your voice is so sultry :)

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