I try to be grateful for everything.  Even the things I don’t understand YET.  Because my life has been A LOT more than I’ve ever dreamed of.  

I have never, in my wildest dreams, ever dream of making music.  Yet that is what I do.  Many continue to ask me to sing.  I can only oblige.



and yes the comments may have character limits. i will have to double check. thanks for writing and writing and writing...
Love Every Minute song! Thanks for sharing it. I will have to post about it somehow. Yes, we have more appreciation once we have gone through what seemed to be hell and back.
Tey there’s a song from the metal band Annihilator called Every Minute, I know you are not a metal person but, a powerful song about living your life every minute while we are here, a real powerful song about life, so when I get down on everything I just sing that or play it the latter the better ha ha
Yeah Tey your blog page here must be limited to so many characters, because it cut my response off so it’s not posting everything I said but anyhow I’m grateful for everyone and You being here
Yes great Blog I’m being Grateful for everything more now then ever, Greatful for health, and getting back out to hiking 14 miles Friday! Insane day! Was very greatful when we were through that we pushed through hard hills, rocks name it! Lol

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