The book “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero is the first non-yoga book I’ve, so far, come across, that promotes “Chanting”.  

A lot of books on being successful, peaceful, happy promote yoga.  Meditation in particular, as the philosophy of yoga includes meditation.  

Chanting is also under the philosophy of yoga.  Chanting can or is also a form of meditation.   

Chanting can be as simple as the universal mantra Ohm/Om/Aum.  Since it is only a transliteration of the most ancient Vedic text, it can be seen written down one of the 3 ways, if not more.

The most frequent explanation of it is that it connects us to ALL the Sounds and Vibrations of the universe.

Chanting can be one word or sound, or a set of words or sounds.

Here are just some benefits of chanting:

  1. Creates positive vibrations
  2. Creates peaceful vibrations
  3. Improves concentration and focus
  4. Opens up the sinuses
  5. Helps vocal chords
  6. Relaxes
  7. Helps our overall physical health  
  8. Clears the mind 
  9. Controls emotions
  10. Strengthens muscles


Ah yes your phone could be too small. You can definitely use your computer for a bigger scene. There's always Skype, Viber, Facebook, and many more.
Tey how does someone like you do a video call about yoga? How do you see if a person is doing it right? Or how does the person that is doing yoga look and be able to do as you are teaching? A lot of questions I know but as I said I have this old iPhone 5c that is small are there requirements that you have to have in order to do video call or teachings like how big the phone is or can you do it through computer? Because I realize the person you are you keep any phone numbers private to where someone wouldn't start calling you? Let me know I'm curious on how this can be done maybe I'm making more of it then I should lol:))
Hahaha I understand. That's why it's nice to hang out with people who accept and understand it, and do it too. But if they don't, that's ok too. You can just keep it to yourself. I'm glad to hear that Stan is Open to yoga and started practicing too. It's not hard to recognize the benefits once you actually "practice". Oh sorry to hear that there's not much yoga there. Maybe, if more people like you, introduced yoga to their friends, then Demand would be much higher. Therefore they would need to Supply YOGA :) Many teachers also teach remotely, via Video calls. I do that often.
Chanting works just be careful about where you may be doing it people tend to look funny at me or go another way lol!! Before a hike Wheather Chanting or just doing a yoga warmup people tend to say "Does all that work"? I say if you have you mind set to it yoga warm ups or the little I can do lol in not bad I guess help me before a hike and after, but some says you do yoga? Why? What does it do? I say the only way you will know which I have gave them your name and YouTube channel so they can watch someone teach and do yoga and I say if you like it find a yoga class to go to, and they are like ok! I will try we have mostly gyms here not much yoga I would like to see a full on yoga teacher open a class up in a gym or nearby for people who don't do gym work to try yoga because they say they hear yoga is great to do but they don't fully understand it and I I'm learning more too because it shouldn't be hard it supposed to help the body not hurt, but people misconceive yoga as umm ahh or what ever and try to do stretches they they can't do and they give up on it, imagine you have parts of yoga that you still are having to make better and learn more about but you are good not everyone knows a teacher such as yourself I feel fortunate to just know you and learn from your videos and positive vibes and kindness my friend Stan asked how long have I known Tey I say atleast 10 years or so he wants to learn some yoga and I have been showing him your videos and he likes them and is trying! He is a little bit bigger than I was that's how we got to hiking and he didn't do good last year with weight loss because of him losing his home in a fire they just got back in their new home Christmas week but the stress of building s new home is hard focusing on every aspect of getting insurance to pay off and all the other hang ups was hard on him but this year will be different and I think he'll make good on a lot of hiking trips or just walking thanks to your videos and me pushing him last year helped a lot but it's a long way for him! Have a great night:)

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