I thought I’d check in on your New Year’s goals, AND mine.

Are you MOVING MORE?  Even if it’s cold outside, move around the house!  Maybe stop and take a few deep breaths in Plank posture.  Add in a push-up or 2.  

I have a yoga mat in the living room plus one in my bedroom, right by a wall.  Sometimes, even when I just have a minute, waiting for my dinner to cook, I take a few breaths in Downward-Facing-Dog, or even a handstand against the wall or on a doorway. 

Do you have TRIPS SCHEDULED or planned?  Even a car trip.  

I have to be in L.A. a few times this year I know.  But I’m also planning on a meditation retreat in Wisconsin, which is only a couple of hours drive from Chicago.  

Oh!  And Belize, I’m working on teaching yoga in Belize for a week’s retreat.  I hope to see you there!

Are you REDUCING YOUR STRESS?  Sometimes, we have to do the things we have to do, but while we’re doing them, take Deep Breaths. 

I saw a private yoga client yesterday.  I started seeing her privately because of her torn rotator cuff.  It’s important that she has full use of her right arm because she’s in a wheelchair from polio (I will have to write about this on another blog).  Anyway, she FINALLY is taking deep breaths more.  She said that for the first time in her life (she’s 75 years old), she is taking more deep breaths.  AND it shows!

I hope you find these challenges enjoyable and life changing.  ENJOY!



Thanks Tey! I can always count on you for encouraging words, Being hit that hard with the flu reminds me kinda when I wasn't in shape and I would catch anything that came near me, I always appreciate my good health, after struggles in my younger days but this stuff wow! Didn't show any mercy I feel much better as I'm writing this but don't take much to get tired again, like I said this is the first I've had this stuff in over a decade, Dr's offices are full quick care place are flowing out the door amazing! But atleast I'm on the backside of it after a week, just got to get plenty of rest and I'll be back to my old self soon lol! Thank you for replying back, have a great night and a great day tomorrow looks like you are recording some stuff that has to be good can't to hear it:))
Alan I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. No fun, but I'm sure you have a new appreciation for you health now. Yes Belize! Maybe you will be able to make it to the yoga retreat. I will have to send info when I have it. Take care.
Tey I have just had time and come by and read these and they are very good! You speak of courage I've had to have it this we that nasty flu bug slammed me last Monday night, first time in over a decade I've got that sick, but I'm on the back side of it now still weak can't eat much, just doing what I can when I can, wow you are going to Belize? I hear that's a nice place and it wonderful that you are giving the person private lessons to help her even more, well have a great night I hope to keep healing up that was a ride I don't want to do again! Take care:)

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