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Writing for the whole world to see here frightens me, though with each blog, I’m frightened less and less.  

I was always afraid to make mistakes, grammatical or otherwise.  But I don’t think that’s as bad as not taking chances at all.

Creating Art is frightening.  But I have learned to follow my path and not worry too much about what others might think.  Not EVERYONE has to like what I do.  

I went to an actual class on “tapping” (also referred to as EFT Emotional Freedom Technique) today.  I allowed myself to be vulnerable.  I will have to talk about “tapping” on a separate blog.

Are you spending LESS TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA?  

I’ve been on social media for what seems like a lifetime because of my music.  Since MYSPACE.  Currently I don’t know of anyone still active on myspace, but I’m still there.  

It seems as if there’s always some new social media platform out there.  I try, but I just can’t catch up with technology.  I do use my phone for everything — to take notes, calendar, calculator, email, banking, weather, camera, you name it.  But… I try to leave my phone in the car or, yiikes, yes, at home.  I only say yikes ‘cause I might have a car emergency (especially with this winter).  But I like it!  I feel free.  

Just today, going to tapping class, I left my phone right at the kitchen counter.  I did miss it because I wanted to take notes, but my classmate lent me a pen, so that worked out.  It always works out.  I don’t think I’ve ever regretted leaving my phone.  

Are you working on GETTING OUT OF DEBT?  

I use credit cards all the time, but I pay them all off too.  I Cannot allow myself to waste money on interest payments.  “A penny saved IS a penny earned”.

Ok.  Enjoy!  Happy Monday!



AHH...Good ole Myspace, thats where i ran across you at and my first social media in 05 i guess, i no longer have one i may do you good to still have one but it died for me in 2010, yeah sometimes you leave the phone behind and like omg i got to go get it, but usually i work i don't use it, sometimes and most of the times its with me, we get used to it because we feel we need it, getting out of debt? maybe one day, its starting out a better week went back to work after that nasty flu but made it alright its behind me now, You shouldn't feel frightned to write to the public you are so good at it, no one sure is not going to correct you LOL, and yeah i like what you do no not everyone is going to, no one don't like what i do everyday, they tell me i'm a hateful landlord who won't give a break, you can't they will run over me, and i do give people the benefit of the doubt, expecially in cold weather, if they try i try, well time for bed, have a great Night!

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