Thank you for all your wonderful Christmas wishes.  

For listening to my music.  For reading.  For writing.  For singing with me.  Dancing with me.


It is ALL a joy.  


I love seeing all the “red”.  Santa hats, pajamas, towels, pillows, bows, plates, and so much more.


I love the reindeer antlers sticking out of cars.  Wreaths.  Lights.


I love all the lights and decorations on the road.  Inside and outside people’s homes.


People on the road are kinder.  Relaxed and giving. 


I find that everyone around me celebrates Christmas even if they aren’t Christians.  Even if just for the food and presents for the kids.  


Christmas has such power.  Such beauty.  We GIVE.  


We give what’s precious to us.  Our Love.  Understanding.  Time.  Patience.  Joy.  Peace.  We give hugs and kisses.  Christmas wishes.  It IS a wonderful time of the year!


I hope you are also feeling  BLESSED.

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