It’s now feeling like spring in Chicago!  Or even summer!  As it’s supposed to go up to 73 degrees fahrenheit today.  And tomorrow — 80!  Very exciting!

I do love having all 4 seasons.  That’s what makes life exciting!  And the unpredictability of it all.  I don’t need to know what tomorrow will bring.  I accept what’s given to me today — and with gratitude.  

I accept life that way too.  More and more and more, every day…  I don’t need to know the reasons for everything.  And maybe the reasons aren’t even that important.  All I need to do is love.

“What does it matter if flowers have blossomed, when our drooping hearts have not blossomed this spring?…” - Darshan Singh.


On a side note to my other comment, Yes I know I don’t need that sports car to be happy, sometimes you have to juggle if I want to keep any money I spend on one or keep it and save, but it’s a challenge to me, I’ve always had a performance car, the way gas is now why lol good night
Yea it’s 86 here as I type this and feels great, no complaints after the brutal cold winter, I tolorate heat better then cold, going to gatlinburg tenn. next Monday and climbing close to 7000 feet, hope it don’t rain, and you are right we accept life the way it more and more, but I’m content now, still wish I had my sports car lol

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