finding your passion

passion's a big word. and finding your passion doesn't always come easily. so how do i find it you ask.. they say if u think love needs to look like "romeo & juliet" then you might overlook a great relationship that grows slowly. and if you think you haven't found your passion yet then you probably think it should be overwhelming. when i first started doing music all i wanted was for it to supplement my true passion at the time which was acting. i figured it could only boost my acting career.. but here i am with a single, an ep, and 5 full albums later. and writing songs like there's no tomorrow :) so no, passion doesn't have to strike like lightning. not right away anyways :) but it does come in doing what your heart calls for. everyday. every moment you can spare. i hope you find your passion if you haven't already. and may you keep finding more passion cause i know i do.. a song doesn't fail to keep me up at night when i need to be sleeping..


Making your personality fit your passion can sometimes be a challenge if you are trying to get rid of trauma or things from your past that makes you not quite authentic as you don't feel you can be authentic and feel safe. That can always get in the way with whatever you have passion for.
Camilla * what you've written here IS so brought tears to my eyesyesterday i came to see your Lady in the woods +*& wanted to say so much ...I couldn't begin...(my heart was all full of what had happened in Pakistan and your lady and that other ^symbolic^ lady ...well...they crashed into each other inside me) your lady image helped me think out/write out ideas of sacrifice and power and strength; of living from deep inside, of being brave; as woman who bleeds--and is flesh/flower/intelligence. I often want to throw away writing (i've always felt words don't work) and find other ways, other arts & *silence* to express..: because it seems so hard (impossible maybe) to ever fully communicate the tangled skeins of mystery we touch within ourselves.Some people seek "voice" their whole life. You own yours and know its pulse, and walk its unfolding wonderfully.
twitter seemed potsilens to me before i joined too but after i did, it wasn't all that bad. it's actually a pretty fast way to keep in touch and let all your friends know what's up, what you're doing, where you are, etc. if you need to ask a question, just tweet and all your friends that have twitter connected to their mobile will get a text showing them what you just tweeted. it's a quick and easy way to keep in touch and it keeps things short and simple. you can follow all your favorite celebs etc and see what they're doing or when/where they're playing next and all that without having to say a word to them or anyone else. i tweet cuz i like to pretend my life is interesting ;]
I don't admire of her..)!but i like this song)it has soenthimg special)but i agree that all her song are same.and i don't wait enything new by her any more.
Ole1 Rena querida!! Esses albfans fciraam um trabalho espetacular,f3tima ide9ia,e para toda a famedlia,vocea e9 muito talentosa,parabe9ns!!!Bom fim de semana,bjos.
True help only comes from within. Others can bring us to an awareness of what we need to do but in the long run the genuine help comes from within. Keep your chin up and never give up on yourself! :)
It makes me wonder what "entertainment industry" you are talking about, lol, xxx? Anyway, I need a good woman who will help me get up off the bottom if necessary and not think I'm not ready, or whatever, because I need that kind of help.

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