FOR $9.99

I was telling my retired yoga students today how I’d been freezing all morning.  How the rooms I had been teaching in were freezing (including the current one), and that it had gotten me internally cold.  

A student who comes only once in a while replied, “You need a bed buddy!” 

Oh dear! 

I figured he was joking because he’s been such a respectable person and student in the past that I didn’t, AT ALL, take it the wrong way.  No, not from him. 

I answered, “Yea that’s not hard these days.”

I was thinking of how internet dating has made it so easy for men (and women) to date (therefore sleep around). 

Then we (the rest of the students and I), soon realized, he was talking about the “Bed Buddy Body Wrap” that you can purchase from a local store for $9.99.  This student (who I appreciate even more after this incident / mishap) who is well in his 70’s and suffers from much physical pain, began to describe it… and how it makes his hips “feel so much better”.  

Oh, I just had to act like I knew what he was talking about all that time.  I think we all did.



Well Tey I'm glad you like my compliments I just worried you may think I'm full of it lol ha!! No I mean everything I say and would never do the opposite even if you don't mind, I have never questioned you I think you are smart and know a lot, you bring a song writer and yoga teacher you have too, lol the only question I have is will I ever see you again! Who knows I guess lol, I know you probably get tired of the hints and me always saying something about it maybe this year we can make it happen?? Have a great day
Hahaha epic fail! That's not that uncommon. I suppose, like anything else, if you keep on trying', you'll eventually get what you want and need. Alan, I'm glad you thought it was funny, and that I handled it well. He was adorable! The fire had to be put out, and quickly. No I don't mind the compliments. Though I don't mind much of the opposite either :)
That's funny Tey and how you had to have reacted! But it all went well it seems, you not quick to fire off at someone in a mad way and mess something up! I've never heard of that kind of bed buddy but he knows it helps, you touched on inter dating and how easy it is for some to sleep around, I have never the time or two I tried Internet dating I didn't work epic fail! Some can do it and it works out, perhaps I had been doing it wrong and maybe too superficial looking for the good looking girl or lady, you know how I'm always complimenting you do you find it uncomfortable when I do that? You can tell me I won't mind, I would like to have an idea of what I do wrong and I know I'm off topic, but yea I think you did handle that well because it could have went the other way fast lol. Have a great day. Tey

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