The book Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki, will not only give you a completely different perspective on your “things”, it can also free you to do more of the things you love.

He says that by parting with things for the sake of appearance, he began to worry less about how he looks to others. 

He let go of useless Pride and self-consciousness that plagued him like an extra layer of fat.  Preventing him from actually pursuing the things that matter most to him.

It freed him to Not be embarrassed to do anything.  

When he became a minimalist, he started doing whatever He wanted to do.  He became more engaged with the world around him.

He was no longer a super introvert.  He stopped being afraid of how people saw him. 

He could now easily keep up with housework, which lead him to more confidence. 

THIS is how the positive side of minimalism BEGINS. 

He wrote, “What happened to the introvert that I used to be?  Was I kidnapped by aliens?  Did they put a chip in me when I wasn’t looking?  


Furthermore: “Taking action leads to happiness.  

Minimalist have no positions that they are scared to lose.  THAT gives them the optimism and courage to take risks”.



Sure does Beth! He makes letting go of material things seem like a cinch! Yea, whatever we need, we can always just buy it again.
This sounds so refreshing!! Thank you!

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