It’s a brand new day!  24 Brand New Hours AGAIN!  YAY!!! 

Celebrating Life!  Our Breath.

Celebrating Friendships.  Love.  Togetherness.

The Sun.  The Moon.  The Stars.  

The Wind.  Snow here in Chicago.  

All the fun and loving GREETINGS from everyone and everywhere!

Homemade cookies.  Home cooking!

Let’s create smart goals this 2018.  Specific.  Measurable.  Actionable.  Realistic.  Time-bound.  ENJOY Making them!  ENJOY accomplishing them!  ENJOY making your dreams come true!




Thank you for all the positive energy for this new year! May we continue to grow at peace.
For some reason my message got cut short anyhow, it's a brand new year for hope, Health, peace, learning about yoga doing bigger hikes like pikes peak I hope it's a plan in the works for summer, I know it seems you hear from me a lot on here and everywhere! And you do ha ha, thanks for your breathing and teachings you are very classy along with everything else, I hope you have a great day I'm going to watch the Rose Bowl this afternoon our Georgia Bulldogs are in it and they will win too!! Happy new year!!
Yep brand new year, another hope to find someone, to have them hugs and kisses with as you spoke about lol
happy new years tey. hope you have a great year. :)

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