Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all moms, step moms, foster moms, mothers to be, the fathers who are mothers, the mothers who are no longer with us, and those who lost their moms.

Moms are priceless!  I love you mom!  Thank you for all you do. 


Yea I guess you know I’m not afraid to share by now lol, I always have a story or comment I guess, maybe an interesting life? No maybe boring at times I’ll make maybe a grandpa one day I will have a lot to say lol
It's nice to hear from you here Beth! I hope you had a Blessed One!
Alan, oh wow... I didn't know.... I'm glad I was able to be there... Thank you for always being here, unafraid to share.
Thanks for this post Tey! Mothering comes in many forms!
Tey that’s a great mother’s day post, I lost mine in July 09 I was crushed, and seemed like I all of sudden was a orphan, but time heals everything, I miss her today but know she don’t suffer anymore, And also that was the may I met you in Atlanta, she was about to go into hospice at home then, I think meeting you was special and helped get me through that thank you Tey!❤️

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