New youtube video!  Yay!  With the song “He Maha Lakshmi”.  

A student emailed me last week with an invitation to her dance group’s performance to this song, “He Maha Lakshmi”.  

She said she fell in love with it the moment she heard it.  She didn’t even know the language I was singing.  She had to ask.  

It is a dinner fundraiser for “Sueños Enlazados - Linked Dreams”.  “An Evening of Undocumented Student Awareness.”  

I love it!   

When I booked my ticket to India for a few months, the only thing I had in my schedule was to teach the Sivananda Teacher Training Course in Kerala (South).  I was landing in Delhi (North) and staying at the Sivanada Center there for a few days.  After that, I had no plans before the training course the following month.  I had never been to India, so I purchased a guide book to visit the deserts of Rajasthan.  

Many thought that was crazy, but I left it up to fate.

I never made it to the deserts.  I ended up north instead, to Rishikesh, Haridwar, and ultimately Uttarakhand (way North).

The video shows some of my travels.

Oscar Wilde said, “Everything is going to be fine in the end.  If it’s not fine it’s not the end.


I'm going to make it out to Alaska one of these days! Thank you Beth, for the words: I have to stop limiting myself! We all do it. That's a great mantra. "I have to stop limiting myself. I have to stop limiting myself. I have to stop limiting myself..."
Beautiful photos of your experiences! What a lovely trip fate brought you! I love the opportunity travel gives for our expansion!! I need to stop limiting myself!
Great video of your travels I hope someday to go to places I've never been, looks like it might be a while Lol!! I'm sure you have some good students and people you love you and your teachings, I've been invited to go on a cruise to Alaska next year don't know if I can go but would love too! So I'll see it would be awesome to see Mt McKinley and the rest that it has to offer! Have a great night:))

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