"Health is Wealth.  Peace of Mind is Happiness.  Yoga shows the Way." - Swami Vishnu-devananda (founder of Sivananda Yoga practice)

The photos in the music video are from the 200-hour yoga TTC (Teacher Training Course) in Kerala, India.  

I’m off to work with Don Griffin at Studio VMR on some new music.  Happy day!  Take deep breaths…  





We only have NOW
I understand that! Our Health is so so important, we all can use a little wealth but I know what you are meaning, I sometimes focus on money because we have to live, I wish is wasn't taking so much to live, but no health is very important I know so many that don't have it so the wealth does very little, I done alittle yoga this morning I've got to do more I just can't wait till spring and that opens up I hope a great hiking and outdoor season I'm ready after this brutal winter for us in Georgia not for y'all in Chicago you are used to it lol!! Nice writing on this tonight always makes my day to read your blog have a great night:)

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