how can happiness be achieved?

i received a heartbreaking email the other day from a friend here on myspace. i have also met him recently at a show in chicago. at the show i could tell he was having a hard time but at the same time very positive about life and his music. he dropped me an email. here it is.. (don't worry i have his permission to publish it) "I ask you humbly, on one knee if possible, what it can mean to be truly and utterly happy? I've been mired in a negative miasma for months, clinging weakly, akin to drowning with no air to reach. Over the weekend some of these hang-ups came to light after a bad falling out with a now former friend in my "scene", and while I know she would've said a lot of that shit to poke at me, I can't help but look back on it and realize it may be the truth leaking out. I've been miserable for far too long, and want out...not only out of this degrading music scene populated by nay-sayers and backstabbers (and obviously enter a new one where my skills can be appreciated), but out of the smog they emit, the soul-crushing, volatile detriments of false hope and fake sincerity. I ask of you as I fear I may not be able to do it can happiness and contention be achieved?" please.. if you have any words, any music, or any thing at all, to console him. please don't hesitate to help because i'm sure each and everyone of us have dark times such as this.. i do believe time heals all wounds and as long as we're living, we will always experience pain. but i do encourage you to learn from it, and to embrace it because without pain, we cannot appreciate pleasure. and i know that this life brings more pleasure than pain. as for the music industry or the entertainment industry in general, it the road less traveled because if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. but whatever you decide, make sure it's for you and not for anyone else. again, i wrote this song knowing that the road to happiness, is the same road to "me" and only you can bring happiness into your own heart.


There is so much I could say but it would all be an objective truth as the proof lies in the experience itself. One can change their focus by 1.) joining groups in social networks that give positive messages that can help you retrain your Focus. 2.) Retrain your emotions by forcing yourself to smile periodically throughout the day and feeling the emotion. Think of something that makes you happy, smile close your eyes and feel it. Practice a smile in the mirror to make sure it's genuine. 3.) The first two are only examples but find your regimen that works and keep it going. That's what I noticed Tey do, if I'm right. I watched from a distance so I can't be certain of anything but this is how I observed her change.
done two heart garlands for Valentine's Day, a set of Valentine's Day cards, my 2012 album, the gold and cork tin cans and now, a paint-by-numbers irenipsd portrait of
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Mr. Qwes, had a great time at the album release party. Love your sound and the dieefrfnt variety of songs on the album. Wish you all the best as an artist! Mr. Rebound is one of my favorites love the beat!!!
The photos look fatasntic. I love that you mention bacon!And you got fabulous Lydia in there too!!Yay! And celebrating with sugar is the only way!
i couldn't have said it better tim.. believe..
I could have written that same e-mail and when you feel like that and especially with the holidays coming, that can make those feelings even more overwhelming. I guess you have to realize that no matter how bad you feel there is the unspoken truth that everybody hurts. everybody has pain and their own demons to conquer. What you cannot do, under any circumstance is give up hope that things can get better. You have to keep hoping that you can turn this around. You have to believe that you are strong enough to defeat the negativity around you. You have to keep your heart and mind open that there are still things in the future that will be positve for you. Things that may be a year down the road...a month down the road...or only an hour away. BELIEVE!!
hi michael. it's great to hear from another true artist.. thank you michael of pouring your heart and soul out as you do with your music..
I feel Im in the same perdictiment as written above. Music is fullfilling on the showing of talents. It does not fill the emptiness inside you have given up through music. At least I feel I gave up so much for music and Dont regret a thing. I feel for my happiness and true bliss in life is to fiind someone to grow one with and still further my goals. Im still in a postion yet where I havent achieved me to my fullest so I feel I am unable to give my fullness to someone else. Near the end of my goals of music which seem so far yet so close to me. They are at reach! I feel it!!! Once reached and believe I can rest and true bliss will find me when Im not looking. I havent been looking and yet in years it has yet to find me. Timing plays a part as well. Time and place for everything. In all in all god has his plan and my faith in his plan for me keeps me trucking foward. Sometimes I may not move as fast as I should be, but always moving closer to finishing gods plan as I feel I see it. I sit here confused at times and feel stuck and not able to show my talents to the fullest and lead a life of inspiration to others as I feel I was put here to do. I seen some of what you were saying about the type of music you produced or sang or w/e and the people in the degrading genre of music. I found the same characteristics of people. I know people ripped me off and profited from my work!! Now I seek inspirations from the talented as always, but turned toward the sight of true talent in one and learned to love in music no matter the situation. I strongly believe in Karma. Love all and pray for those you having trouble loving. I know it seems hard to do, but it has completed part of journey and has gotten me closer to light. Good luck unknown friend! I felt and feel your pain... Love in music always!! In sincere, Michael
I haven't achieved TRUE happiness YET. But i still haft to try. Its all what i we want at the end of the day, right?
I've been very sad and lonely many times asking God why. How to be happy? There must be some turning within, some positive change. Maybe it's an answer to prayer but it can and does happen but then I want a lady, a good lady for me to be with and share with and not just be alone. Tey, you could help me too even though I'm not in the music business at all. Please call me Tey if you still have my number. What do you say?
Jack, thanks for a male perspective! yes.. keep reading.. everyone's got such wisdom and thanks for sharing yours..

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