They say that practicing Yoga heightens intuition.  They say that thousands of years ago, we didn’t verbally “Speak” to one another.  We communicated through our intuition.  I truly believe that!

During my yoga teacher training course at the Sivanada Yoga Ashram, when I thought or wished for something to happen, it soon certainly did!  Exactly as I had wished.

In the last few days, my intuition has been frighteningly sharp, in both directions.

Friday, as I closed the door to my car, this special lady entered my thoughts.  I was wondering whether she had kids, and how many.  And just a few seconds later, as I walked into the building, someone called out my name oh so brightly.  Guess who it was!  And she was with one of her kids!

I then walked a few more feet into a yoga class and decided to get them into a version of child’s pose I’d Never done before.  The students were amazed at how they were just talking about that exact pose before I walked in.  They only told me After we had finished the posture.  They couldn’t stop talking about it.  I don’t think they even noticed the coincidence until After the fact.

This afternoon, since this college course is ahead of schedule, I decided to ask them if they wanted to go over anything at all.  I wanted to do a restorative type of yoga practice.  Guess what!  One of the students asked for “Restorative Yoga”!

People call, text, email, as I am thinking of them.  One of my very close friends and I were even texting one another AT THE SAME TIME just yesterday!

It’s fun!  I am grateful.  It really is something else.  If we can all just hone our intuition, then maybe this world would be a much kinder space.

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