"Take your headstand and shoulderstand practice to the next level.

If you are just beginning the practice of inversions or want to learn ways to improve your posture, add variations or just hold it longer, this workshop is for you. Even if you are new to yoga, learning the headstand will help you gain courage and confidence.

In this eye opening workshop, you will learn about the many physical, mental, and energetic benefits and prepare the body and mind to step into the practice. By first establishing a strong, steady foundation, we will move slowly, through the eight steps, honoring each step, with mindfulness and body awareness. Next we will work on fine tuning the Shoulderstand, for a straighter more comfortable pose, working on flexibility of the back side of the body. Come learn why these two asanas are called the King and Queen of postures, and experience it for yourself. Each student will get individual attention.

This workshop includes Kirtan Chant Meditation at the end"

This is at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga studio in Evanston, Illinois.

Calendar has all the info.  I hope to see you!  It's only $20 when you register beforehand.


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