I just had a student tell me her Migraines are now non-existent since she started taking yoga classes in January.  She used to get them 4 to 8 times per month!

I have heard that yoga cures headaches many times before.  Heck it cured/cures mine! But it still made me emotional to hear this today.  I’m so so glad for her.  

She said, especially on rainy days, she would just shut the lights off and lay down.  And today, her fiancé was surprised to see her up and moving. 

“It’s raining!” he said to her.

“I know!” she replied!  

She said that she even Almost lost her last job because of these migraines.  

She had mentioned to her fiancé that she didn’t know if she could take care of kids because of these migraines.  She couldn’t even take care of their dog with the headache!  

It came out of her mouth:  Yoga changes your life!

I hope you allow it to change yours.

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