Christmas rocks!  I love all the lights and decorations!  

I hope you're enjoying your holiday season.  But more importantly, I hope that's it's a time for giving and not expecting anything in return.  

I am fortunate to teach at Niyama yoga studio who does a lot of that: GIVING.  

Every week, we have a class where all the proceeds go to Curt's Cafe.  

Curt's Cafe is a cozy little restaurant who trains young adults (15-24 years of age) living in at-risk situations such as having contact with the judicial system, or are homeless, food insecure or have dropped out of school.  These young adults are determined to build a positive future for themselves.

Niyama also supports refugees, and offer their teachers and students alike to give a gift during the holiday season.  This year, all the recipients are children from ages 2 to 15.  Niyama calls it the "gift giving tree".  The tree hangs gift tags which provide the age and sex of a child who is in need.  The recipients do not ask for much.  They are grateful for anything at all, even lightly used clothing.  

This past Thanksgiving, all 3 classes offered that day supported the Greater Chicao Food Depository.  Donations were over $800.  

Thank you Niyama!  You rock!

Happy Jingle Bell Rock!


Just one great night is a GIFT.
It's nice to see what you are giving back to the community, which I have known you give back its just your way! You wouldn't be you without the kindness you have for others, Christmas is the time to give abs help participate in food donations, soup kitchens etc, when all a person does is want and not give its not in their heart about the meaning of Christmas, it supposed to be a warm time in your heart it was for me growing up with families on Christmas Eve and day opening presents and giving, having Christmas dinner my family has got so thin it's harder to feel that way but it's all still there as far as meaning is, thank you Tey for being who you are it's been a little difficult for me lately but getting better you get to missing folks and worries too but it will get better well already has went to an awesome concert Wednesday that helps a lot too have a great night!!

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