Today, I had a student voice out that he was feeling light headed after our sun salutations.  

“Do you know why you might be feeling light-headed?”  I asked.

“Because I smoke?”  

I thought that was funny.  But sure.  Maybe.

I offered other reasons: Maybe we’re going up and down too fast for him?  Maybe the head below the heart is too much?  Maybe his system is not used to all the deep breathing?  Taking in more oxygen than he’s used to.  Or breathing out carbon dioxide faster than the body produces it?

There are more reasons (and some more serious ones too for sure).  

But I have to ask: Can you imagine living your whole life without EVER taking a deep breath?  I wouldn't doubt that there are many out there.  I know of a student who confessed that she has NEVER taken a deep breath before taking a yoga class at 80 years old.

Imagine taking shallow breaths ALL YOUR LIFE.  Breathing in for the count of 1 or 2.  Breathing out for the count of 2 or 3 your whole life!  

I’ve witnessed, yes, even yoga students, take very shallow breaths.  I’ve worked with helping them lengthen their breaths, for long periods of time.  Fifteen minutes.  Half an hour.  Week after week.  

It’s tough to change our habits.  

Breath deeply.  And often.  Let your hardships, your pain (whether physical, mental, or spiritual), remind you to take deep breaths. 

I have a friend who gets reminded to take deep breaths every time he washes his hands.

Find a reason.  Find the time.  

Pay attention to your breath.  Thank your breath for all its gifts.

“Prana” translates to “life force” or “life-giving force”.  “Vital energy”.  Prana is our breath.  Our life force.  Our vital energy.  We wouldn’t be here without our breath.


Tey I see people all the time who can't hike or climb steps because of smoking, and they envy me for not ever smoking when I tell them, it's everyone's choice to do it or not but I really effects breathing, I asked a guy on the trail one day he was laboring bad and he said I can't do this because I smoked for 30 years I can't imagine my health if I would have smoked, I tried it didn't care for it didn't try it ever again now I'm glad for my breaths!! So we gotta breath clearly with no obstructions, have a great night :))

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