After a yoga class, a student asked me if there’s a ‘magic pill’ to make all the food she ate during Christmas go away.  I’m sure she was mostly kidding.  But everyone stayed to listen to the answer.  I was put on the spot (but not really:)


My solution would be to drink a bunch of water and not eat so much anymore.


Of course there is no magic pill.


I shared a question by a student at the college, after two months of being in the class, still asked, “how can I help lower back pain”.


I asked her if our practice helps her back feel better.  If she feels better AFTER class.  She admitted that she did.  (Oh thank God!)  But this girl was SERIOUS.  She wanted that magic pill.  


It is a PRACTICE.  A way of life.  Health.  Happiness.  Peace.  Feeling not overstuffed.  A healthy back. 




I'm hiking tomorrow on a hard mountain we are warming up here a little before much colder air coming in, I'm decent at yoga from your videos but I'm seeking a yoga class but of course I wont have the best teacher like you, but it hopefully will help we'll see!
How about attending a yoga class?
Gee I only wish they was a magic pill for lower back pain, my turmeric helps some but not all the time, it's so cold here I can't hike or hardly work and that's not good on me, only yoga I can do and some weights but yeah I bet that was a on the spot question:))

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