Here it is!  CHRISTMAS day!  The celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ!


Merry Christmas to us!  


What does it mean to YOU?  Please share.


To me:  

It is the time of Faith.  It is the time for Family.  It is the time to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.  His Birth.  His Death.    

It is the season to give, yes.  But I think we should give anyway — ALL THE TIME.

Peace.  Love.  Joy.  To you and your loved ones. 


Try to experience Peace even when it’s not Christmastime.  


Try to give Love even when it’s not Christmastime. 


And know Joy even when it’s not Christmastime.


My wish is for everyone to experience Peace, Love, Joy whenever we want.  Wherever we want.  And TODAY should just REMIND us of that.


I’d like to take this time also to thank you for listening to my music.  I know we have so many choices out there for music, so I am blessed that you’re there listening.  


“I am nothing without the listener.”


This evening at 8:00pm EST (7:00pm CST and 5:00pm PST) I will be doing an interview at Indie Scene Radio ( with host Gerg of The Gerg Show.  We invite you to listen.  And of course listen to the holidays songs they are playing. 


Thanks Indie Scene Radio for playing my versions of our holiday classics.   


Again:  Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas NOW.


Thank you Alan! Yes it was a beautiful Christmas. Kids always bring joy to my heart. Thank you for listening and letting me know! I hope you're feeling blessed.
Again That was great of the indie radio station to play your album, I guess that was the first time I've heard you being interviewed in a while again great just to hear your voice, and I had my Tey Christmas cd out too, it's soothing and soulful, I'm glad you had a great Christmas!:))

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