My 104-year-old student brought this to my attention after yoga class: “You didn’t tell us to breath as much today!”

I apologized.  I was truly sorry.  I felt as if I cheated her out of a class.

I ALWAYS instruct to take deep breaths.  Because I too need it.  I don’t know what happened to me then.  

Maybe when I’m extra tired I don’t instruct as well?  I’m sure I’ve not been diligent 100 percent of the time when I teach.  But no ONE has ever let me know.  I’m grateful she did!

Maybe, especially after my 5th class of the day I think, that they’re tired of hearing me say:  DEEP BREATHS IN… FULL BREATHS OUT…  DEEPEN YOUR INHALATIONS…  SLOW DOWN YOUR EXHALATIONS…  LET ALL THE AIR OUT.  SLOWLY… AND COMPLETELY.

But I have to remember that it may very well be MY 5th class, but it’s only their FIRST.  First in a Week, In a Month.  

Once a week they take my class and I cheat them?  Well with this particular student, it is twice a week, but still.  Only 2 hours in one week they have a class and I don’t remind them to breath?  

I will have to be MORE.  I will have to get more rest so I can be a better teacher.

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