I read an old ‘daily pages’ entry of mine, written back in November of 1998.  

It started:  My life is as phenomenal as can be and I am so perfect.  I’m so happy…  I love you so so much God.  Thank you for everything.

I thought:  Did my old-self just inspire me?  Did my old-self know more than I do now?   

And NO, I did NOT have everything.  I was a struggling actress/musician.  So I didn’t have plenty of money, and if I did, I had to spend it on acting classes and singing lessons.  I did Not have the perfect job, not yet.  I was not even ‘in love’ or with a partner.  So what made me write those words?  Because these “daily pages” were certainly PRIVATE.  They’re for my eyes only.  They were just a way to explore my thoughts and feelings.  So I was Not trying to impress anyone.  I was being TRUTHFUL.

It’s true.  We should all wake up and KNOW that our lives are phenomenal!  And WE ARE PERFECT!  And yes, BE GRATEFUL.


Well said Tey, I'm sorry if I'm putting the wrong thoughts in the wrong blogs, I don't mean to get the blog off topic I guess you can say lol, I was just trying for the most appropriate place to write, I will try to put things in their right places again I'm sorry for pouring all that out too you, you have a great life and career an all and it's not easy and trying to connect with fans on here and all other media I know takes time so I'll be more careful where I write and cut the messages shorter lol
Alan, oftentimes our physical (emotional and spiritual too of course, but I'm specifically talking about physical pain here) pain seems ALOT worse than it actually is. We just have to get to the root of the problem. The body can seem very complicated yet so very simple. I'm hoping you will soon solve the mystery of your pain.
Tey, I got confirmation tonight that i can see a back doctor that in my insurance plan, Maybe it will answer some questions i need and that has been a burden on me, I don't like it that i could be to the point i couldn't enjoy my hiking and all the outdoor stuff i do, and plus working outside, but it get to be a grinding pace when you are hurting so bad all i want to to is come home and lay down i can't be like that and i guess it really got to me, So if its going to the Chiropractor, so be it till a further investigation come about..Anyhow enough going on about myself i hope you have been doing well i see where you have been recording and sounds great!, I love all your blogs and seeing how you impact the people you come into contact with and todays blog is really true to alot of people, No you didn't have alot of money, and you had to struggle to get to the point where you are at no, alot dream of starting a career but they want to start at the top, Maybe thats why you are a genuine person you paid the dues and doing what you love, life is not fair and some think they are owed something and not try, I hope to hear and see more stuff from you, and Yoga i hope to do again soon, thats the goal, other then my work its getting spring and stuff is picking up for me and i got to be in shape, and you have seemed busy as well doing great things!!! have a nice Night
I'm glad you love this post! It's my proof of the truth that we ALL live a life of abundance, no matter what.
Tey I love the above blog! Tey I'm sorry for pouring out all me feelings on the other blog about kindness, I shouldn't have put that on you, I do have a hard time sometimes, please don't feel differently about me after what I said I said a lot of out of flustration, things feel better, in the frame of mind it's my back and knees that are causing problems more and I'm going to a chiropractor soon, it's affect on me hiking and working, I'm too young to hurt like this I feel I have too much to do, I hiked two weeks in a row and worked too, and it's getting worse, I gotta get back to normal I feel like I whined to you I didn't mean too, I guess I needed to let it out, but maybe not being smart about pouring it out to you!! I got good news I don't have pay tax this year I get a refund and that pays for all car insurance so a lot of anxiety off of me now, it proves worry about things and most of the time I waste my worries, again please don't quit talking to me, you are a great person and I'm proud to know you!!:))

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