I love all the Happy New Year greetings and celebrations!  All the hype and the glory and positive energy.  It’s invigorating!  Thank you!

I hope it doesn’t end this week.  I hope it continues.  I hope we do get new Results.   

I hope this is the Start we have been needing.  I hope we do take that new Journey. 

I hope we have more Joys.  Peace and Serenity.  

I hope we never regret anything.  

But what if: Before all this anew, we need to END certain habits, certain relationships.  




Yes the 70's I was in elementary school, found memories of the music, movies from that time, that's what got me into liking and going to concerts buying albums on Saturday in actual music stores all the was though the 80's wonderful times, yeah I saw tragedies, and the best times too, always great to look back but there is a lot to do and see in the now, I try to stay positive it's hard all the time but it can't hurt, it's still cold here in Georgia getting worse, so I have time to write here hopefully next week I'll get back to normal I've had the flu but getting better way to start the year off huh? Lol have a great night
Glad to feel your positive energy here, or at least trying to be positive. The world can never be perfect, that is it's beauty. Ah. Thanks for the throwback to the 70's, 80's, and even the 90's. September 11th, I thought union us at first. We ALWAYS, and OFTEN need to be reminded of our blessings. Maybe that's why there are so many tragedies, to remind us, that Life is precious. To remind us not to take one another for granted. To remind us, to support one another.
If anything for the year is a hope for peace and serenity in my life and everyone else too, Getting rid of the hate toward mankind, i hope this is the start we need too, you seem very peaceful tey, and don't like seeing others not getting along, its almost like we have stepped back from like the 80's and 70's , it seemed then everyone wasn't offended so easily even the 90's wasn't that way, i still say sept 11 2001 changed this country i have said time and time again, i was interviewed in savannah ga on the news shortly after that, and i was quick to point we will never be the same, we got scared even though it was said we will ever change, with that said, its not too late, we got to do and encourage positive things this year and for years to come, i will stay positive tey Thank you hope i didn't get too off topic have a great night!!

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