It amazes me to watch people squirm at my invitation to come to a yoga class.


Personally, even just the word “yoga” relaxes me.  The thought of an entire hour or more of being in the present moment entices me.  The thought of an hour becoming an entire lifetime is exquisite.


During class, I am at peace.  I don’t have to THINK about anything outside of class.  I just have to Listen and Follow instructions.  I only have to be concerned about my Poses, my Breath.  I won’t find the need to entertain my Emotions.  The hustle and bustle of the day stops and my world then becomes the bountiful universe within.  

I forget where I am.  What time it is.  Who I am.  

I don’t have to be anything.  Don’t have to be anywhere.  Don’t have to please anyone.  

I could just BE.


I must admit that it wasn’t always like this for me.  I used to be fearful of not being able to do the postures correctly.  Or not holding them as long as the instructor says.  But what in fact happens, is that, I would be so absorbed in the moment, that I Do get into the postures.  I Do hold them as long as the instructions.  And the times that I don’t, NO ONE CARES.  No one’s even looking.  No one’s concerned because they are also looking within.  They are also focusing on getting into the posture.  Breathing.


So when I watch people squirm and make excuses after excuses, I just pray that somehow, they KNOW how to BE in the moment.  


I understand Time.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.  


I understand Fear.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of what we Might not be able to do.  Fear of our weaknesses showing.     


But these same people continue to tell me, “I have to take your yoga class!  I need it!”


We all need it.  One way or another.


Lol I'm glad you wouldn't squirm! Wonderful attitude. Yes it's a continuous practice. Stay blessed and grateful!
Tey you wouldn't see me squirm if I was invited to come to your class!! I would be there and enjoy yoga and enjoying you teach the class, if I wasn't that good you would teach me and tell me what I'm not doing right, yeah I would have some weakness but you would find it, I know I'm not the best or even very good but I know I could hang with it and get better, the breathing I do now and the yoga I can do is a big hep to my back and expecially before work and hiking I just need to do more and I will I had a terrible end of year expecially right before Christmas but that's gone and we all have out not so great times like you were going through as well with your allergies, I hope the new year keeps them away for you and brings peace to all, and I have a great new year myself, I have I few worries but not going to let them get to me, Happy New Year Tey it's been great to have you back in touch with me this year, you are a kind and beautiful person, everybody around you personally is very lucky I hope they know that, be careful today and tonight my daughter sick with the flu so I'll be here with her. Have a great day:))

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