One of my students at a retirement community informed me that she didn’t like the English translation of “Shavasana”, which is “Corpse Pose” or “Dead-Man’s Pose”.  

This isn’t the first I’ve heard of older students being sensitive to the use of the word “corpse” or “dead”.  

Shavasana is a pose of complete relaxation of the body AND the mind.  You lie on your back, with legs apart, arms away from the body, palms facing up.  This posture allows all the muscles and joints to relax, therefore, allowing the mind to completely relax as well.

It is said to be the Easiest posture to get into, but the Hardest one to master.  

I understand the sensitivity to the word when you’re older, but at the same time:  I don’t think anyone likes the thought of being DEAD”, at ANY age. 

Yes, Shavasana, just like a Corpse, is when we have No Control (or not thinking of controlling) over our physical body, as well as our mind, our thoughts.  A corpse does not think.  A corpse has no physical tension.  

So, what’s a better way to explain all that without the dreaded words of death?




How’s the SURRENDER business going?

We can watch miracles happen when we surrender.  

Things don’t always happen as we plan them.  

I thought or had planned my very first chanting CD to be recorded in Chicago since I had already moved out of California.  I thought I would gather local musicians.  But… a year passed and I still didn’t find the right musicians.  I was getting antsy and a bit worried that it would never happen.  But I also knew that if it was meant to happen (the CD), it Would.   

Then… I don’t even know how it happened, or why, I SOON found myself back in California recording with my very first producer, Rene Van Verseveld.  We finished an entire CD in one week!  What a miracle it felt!

As sure as snow will eventually melt in Chicago, miracles do happen.  

SURRENDER and witness them happen.




“Doubt is Resistance, FAITH is Surrender

Worry is Resistance, JOY is Surrender

Control is Resistance, ALLOWING is Surrender

Ridicule is Resistance, BELIEVING is Surrender”   -   Jen Sincero 

Surrender to your dreams, to the life that’s meant to be yours.  To a life of ABUNDANCE.

Have FAITH and JOY.

ALLOW things to happen and BELIEVE that they will happen, if they aren’t already happening.

Surrender is a big word.  It is easier said than done I know.  But try.  Just TRY.








Insight Timer is home to over 3 million meditators.  A few of my meditative music can be listened to on the app. 

“Sarva Mangala Mangalye" was not at all liked by “Francisca. Scofield”.  Like I mentioned before, that’s OK.  Here’s her take on the chant:

“terrible-this woman cannot even chant in tune with the instrument! and that was only one syllable! I only gave her one star because there was nothing lower...btw, I listened to each of the few music samples suggested with hers, and give them all the same review: junk! sorry! I don't like to criticize, really!...but these are shockingly bad and seem as though done by people who are not even musicians; it's an insult to the whole genre of ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, or any other sacred sounds and meditative music. Please at least try to filter out the reallie clueless amateurs. I do think I be heard some better offerings on this app (new for me) with a few of the longer pieces but that might only be because I fall asleep soon after they start , which is why I listen to them, to be able to sleep; but they have no inspiration for meditation, speaking personally...I was hoping for offerings from true devotees and skilled musicians, such as Krishna Das; or Deva Primal ; or the Hanuman Fellowship musician devotees (devotees of Baba Hari Dass)...and Gregorian chants also, for example. Another wondrous accapella group of medieval and Renaissance Christian singing is the group of women called Anonymous 4 . I have CDs of all these performers who sing from the heart , but I was hoping to be able to find them here. I will say. that I am happy to have seen a few guided meditation choices by true wisdom teachers such as Pema Chodren ...and some others both familiar and new to me! Wonderful! These guided meditations are very meaningful to me in such a chaotic, frightening time now...also very comforting to myself due to having PTSD, panic attacks, depression, and numerous chronic diseases such as Lyme and co-infections for sixteen years now.For. these ways of help I thank you immensely, and hope you understand better why I reacted in such disappointment to the shorter music pieces so far. But I will continue to search your app and bet I will find some more treasures! Thank you and Namaste.”

I love Gregorian chants too as well as Pema Chōdrōn, who teaches meditation in a way that is easily applied to every day life.  




I think my phone company is TRYING to make me buy a new one.  Because no matter how much space I still have (over 50 GB available out of 128 GB), it runs slower every time it gets updated.  Plus it messes with my Calendar.  Yes, it’s old, sure, iPhone 6 Plus.  

Anyway, that’s not the kind of CHANGE or Moving on I’m talking about.  

Have you been doing things the same way for a long time now?  

Technology moves at such a rapid pace these days that something only a few years old is considered outdated.  But have you been doing the Same Exact Thing for the last 10 Years or more?  How about your work-out routine?

I recently witness a lady being completely upset because her “Step Aerobics Class” had a substitute teacher who was not able to teach the same format.  The substitute instructor offered various classes (Boot Camp, Weight Training, Dance, Yoga, Pilates).  But the lady continued to be intolerant and walked away from a perfectly good class I’m sure.  What if she missed out on something that would open up a Whole new world for her?  Unfortunately, she will never know.  She did not WANT change, even for just an hour.  

This happens in yoga classes too.  A person gets used to an instructor and when they get a substitute to teach, they walk out.  They would rather NOT take the class which they took the time out of their day to go to.  And then, they are just going to go home and mope.  

I love experiencing new things.  New teachers, new postures.  New philosophy.  New format.  New ways to do things. 

I hope you not only accept change, but SEEK it.










Honoring what has been.. and Welcoming what is to come.. Thank you for being part of it all!




How are you SERVING OTHERS? 

I can’t really speak of some of the ways I GIVE or SERVE others as I cannot grant requests.  There are so many out there who need our help.

My friends tell me that answering fan emails and requests are karma yoga (selfless service).  Of course I have to pay for the autographed photos as well as the cost of mailing them.  This week I mailed out to Russia and England.  

I don’t have my own kids, but my friends who have children tell me, all my giving is similar.  As being a parent is definitely selfless giving.  

I do think my book “My Darling Sociopath” will serve others in recognizing a sociopath in their life.

I dedicate the book to the many men and women who have been, and are still, victimized by the 4% of the population who have no capacity to love or empathize.

Here’s an excerpt from the prologue:

Is there a sociopath in your life?  Would you be able to tell?  How soon?  Within a day, a month, a year?  What damage could transpire in that time?  What if, over that time, you’d begun to think that maybe you are the abnormal one, the paranoid one.  The sociopath’s minds does not work like the other 96 percent of us who are capable of feeling guilt.

But who among us would suspect such an encounter?  Most human beings are born with an innate sense of right and wrong.  Society further solidifies this idea.  Our relationships with other people are founded on the basis that everyone possesses this trait.  But a surprising number of people are born without a moral compass.  

Sociopathy (sometimes referred to as psychopathy) is an antisocial personality disorder, where a person has no regard for the feelings and welfare of others.  They will do anything and everything to get what they want at another’s expense.

Do you have a person that you are sincerely concerned about?  Does he or she do things that, to you, are beyond comprehension?  If you recognize this in your partner, family member, coworker, or friend, you might be dealing with a sociopath.”