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Let’s ask what’s NOT wrong?

Let’s count them.  

Help me count what’s NOT wrong in the world.  In our country.  Within out state.  Our city.  Our home.  Our work.  Our play.  Our family.  Our friends.  Our banks.  Our schools.  

What’s not wrong this year?  This month.  This week.  Today.

What’s not wrong with them?  With Us.  With me.

Happy Thanksgiving!




A few weeks ago, I found this Indian restaurant near my house, which advertised “home style Indian cooking”.  By golly, I was, and still am — addicted.  I couldn’t believe how good everything was.  

The very next day my car took me there again.  And I Don’t eat out.  It’s not my thing.  I like my wholesome ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free preparations.  Plus, I just like being home whenever I can.  

I liked the cooks and the service.  They were attentive and just plain nice. 

I tried asking the guy who kept filling my glass of water about the food.  But, it seemed, he did not speak a word of English, or even understood it.  He brought the guys from the kitchen out to answer my dairy questions.  But he continued to be hospitable.

On my third day back, now maybe because this was for dinner (and they weren’t as busy as the lunch crowd), he immediately asked me to take his phone number and proceeded to ask for mine.  I was totally confused, but felt bad for the guy, who was seemingly desperate to find someone to marry so he can stay in this country.  He asked whether I knew of someone.  I couldn’t think of anyone at the time, but maybe I could help him and his possible partner.  I wasn’t thinking — I was hungry.  But his english is perfect now.

When I was leaving, he insisted I call him the next morning.  What the…  Where did that come from?

That same weekend I went back with a girlfriend, not even thinking about him for a second.  And when I would go up to the buffet table, he would try to talk to me.

“Why didn’t you call me.”  He would whisper.  And other words I was afraid (and didn’t care) to hear.  He was acting like we knew each other well.  

I was bothered, but chose to ignore it and enjoy the food and being with my friend.

What was I supposed to do?  I figured he got the point.

A few days later he friended me on Facebook and I opted to accept.  Yikes.  I didn’t think it was a big deal.  I have many friends there whom I didn’t know.  I’m a public figure.  

On Facebook, he liked all of my posts and commented several times.  He even tried engaging with other friends on there.  It soon got out of hand, I thought.

And yesterday he texted and called me.  Probably, since I have not been replying to his Messenger notes.  Wow.  

I keep giving people the benefit of the doubt.  I know I am often too patient.  Too nice.  Too naive.  Even too gullible?

“How does this happen?”  I texted my same friend I ate with.

She replied, “Ignore him, or unfriend, or block.” 

I think about that home style cooking all the time.  My friends wants to go back there this Friday, day after Thanksgiving.  She was amazed at the food as well.  When I first told her about the place, we both didn’t understand my NEED for it.  I thought it was nostalgia — from being in India back in 2014.

Anyway, people are so strange sometimes.  

“What does he think we’re going to talk about?  Does he think I go to the restaurant to see him?  I’m gonna have to bring my own water when we go there — make sure he doesn’t put anything in it.”  I told my friend.




I had lunch today with an older friend and he mentioned that he doesn't tell his wife he loves her.  Not in those words anyway.

"I leave her notes.  I tell her I love her dress.  I love the smell of her perfume.  I love everything about her."

I agree with him that we don't have to SAY it.  As long as we show it.  

I didn't grow up saying it to my family.  OF COURSE we love each other.  We're family.  

But now we say it all the time.  We say it on social media -- to people we have never physically met.  

Do you think we throw the words around too easily now?

My friend added, "If you love someone, you shouldn't have to say it.  IF you love them they should feel it."

Then I went on a rant about thousands of years ago, we didn't even communicate with words.  We communicated by intuition, which is a much higher level of communicating.  Nowadays there's text, email, voice message, emoji, etc.

Much is lost in translation.







I’ve gone gluten & dairy free for a few years now.  I lost my voice for about a year and a half back in 2013 which started out as a sinus infection.

After going from one medical doctor to another, working with a speech therapist, acupuncturist, herbalist, and my situation was not improving, I went to a naturopath.  I tested allergic to almost everything — especially dairy and gluten.  

This isn’t about my vocal chords nor a gripe about the medical industry — but about self control.  

I have a niece (she’s five years old now) who has been allergic to you-name-it (which has even changed throughout the years)  I have never seen any one handle her condition with such grace, acceptance, ease, and self control.  

I just attended her sister’s birthday party.  While everyone jumped at eating pizza of all types, her father then asked her what she wanted to eat.  She was surrounded by so much food and people enjoying what she could not.  But she sat there, patiently waiting for her special plate.  Though this time, I noticed her looking a bit lonely and sad.  

This isn’t the first time for anything with her of course.  This has always been the case.  Naturally she has faltered, but mostly through no fault of her own.  She has suffered dramatically just by being touched by her brother who was eating dairy-filled macaroni & cheese.  

In my experience, it is harder to be gluten and dairy free in this country than to be a vegetarian.  Gluten and dairy are everywhere — even in foods that are naturally gluten-free.  In the beginning, I used to make the mistake of thinking “Oh it’s gluten free, yay!”   But it would contain dairy.  Or “dairy-free yay!”  But be gluten-filled.   

To this five-year-old, there is NO CHOICE but to avoid foods that will make her sick.  But why is that not always the case with us?  I personally have my non-inflammatory supplements, breathwork, meditation, yoga poses, liquids, that help me not have to suffer too much for too long.  I am now prepared.  

This little girl inspires me to no end.  I think I should even give up my gluten-free junk foods. 




I just came from a Thanksgiving “Feastival”.  It is cold and dark outside, but the celebration was warm and bright.  They even had a magician.  I was only about 4 feet away as he made a white dove appear out of nowhere.  

Of course it was impressive.  But what touched me, was when he talked about the dove, whom he called Dave.  “Dave” is peace, he said.  

Dave never looses his tranquility.  He was born that way.    

And if we can find our Dave within.  If we can all be like Dave. 




Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was ‘thank you’, that would suffice.” M. Eckhart.

Thank you for being here.