Practice positive thinking




The book Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki, will not only give you a completely different perspective on your “things”, it can also free you to do more of the things you love.

He says that by parting with things for the sake of appearance, he began to worry less about how he looks to others. 

He let go of useless Pride and self-consciousness that plagued him like an extra layer of fat.  Preventing him from actually pursuing the things that matter most to him.

It freed him to Not be embarrassed to do anything.  

When he became a minimalist, he started doing whatever He wanted to do.  He became more engaged with the world around him.

He was no longer a super introvert.  He stopped being afraid of how people saw him. 

He could now easily keep up with housework, which lead him to more confidence. 

THIS is how the positive side of minimalism BEGINS. 

He wrote, “What happened to the introvert that I used to be?  Was I kidnapped by aliens?  Did they put a chip in me when I wasn’t looking?  


Furthermore: “Taking action leads to happiness.  

Minimalist have no positions that they are scared to lose.  THAT gives them the optimism and courage to take risks”.





Fall back.  Have faith.  BE grateful.  And wait.








I’m teaching a Restorative Yoga class in 12 days.  With Chanting.

This practice is Not at all physical.  It often uses props to support simple and effortless yoga postures (such as the forward-fold, legs-up-the-wall).

It is nurturing.  Designed to activate the body’s innate relaxation response while receiving all the other benefits of the more physical yoga postures.  

It is said that we need ‘Rest’ more than we need ‘Sleep’.  

Restorative yoga can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age or experience.  

And with chanting, it also creates a deeply spiritual practice.

I hope you experience it.




The supply of yoga classes in some parts of, Georgia, for example, is almost non-existent.  But there are so many “reality shows” out there.  

I think it can somehow be explained by the law of Supple and Demand.  The more we demand something, the more it can or will be supplied.  

Obviously, if there is little or no demand for something, it is less likely that it will be supplied.

I guess we need reality shows more than we need yoga in Georgia?  I’m just sayin’.  I don’t know Georgia at all.  I’ve only been to Atlanta and its surrounding areas a few times.  I did fall in love with ‘sweet tea’ for the first time there.  

My suggestion is: don’t let the yoga classes go on without you.  Because they may not be there anymore.  Support your yoga studios and yoga teachers.




‘Most of the things that we desire in life are expensive.  But truth is that the things that really satisfy us are absolutely FREE.  


STOP buying STUFF! 




'At age 40..  Highly educated & Less educated are the same.  Less educated people may even earn more money.

At 50…  Beauty & Ugly are the same.  No matter how pretty you are, at this age, wrinkles, dark spots, etc., can no more be hidden.

At 60…  High position & Low position are the same.  After retirement, even a peon will avoid looking at his boss.

At 70…  Big house & Small house are the same.  Joints degeneration, hard to move, only requires little space to sit.

At 80…  Have money & no money are the same.  Even when you want to spend money, you don’t know where to spend.

At 90…  Sleeping & Waking up are the same.  After you wake up, you still don’t know what to do.'

Enjoy life no matter what…




One of my students at a retirement community informed me that she didn’t like the English translation of “Shavasana”, which is “Corpse Pose” or “Dead-Man’s Pose”.  

This isn’t the first I’ve heard of older students being sensitive to the use of the word “corpse” or “dead”.  

Shavasana is a pose of complete relaxation of the body AND the mind.  You lie on your back, with legs apart, arms away from the body, palms facing up.  This posture allows all the muscles and joints to relax, therefore, allowing the mind to completely relax as well.

It is said to be the Easiest posture to get into, but the Hardest one to master.  

I understand the sensitivity to the word when you’re older, but at the same time:  I don’t think anyone likes the thought of being DEAD”, at ANY age. 

Yes, Shavasana, just like a Corpse, is when we have No Control (or not thinking of controlling) over our physical body, as well as our mind, our thoughts.  A corpse does not think.  A corpse has no physical tension.  

So, what’s a better way to explain all that without the dreaded words of death?




How’s the SURRENDER business going?

We can watch miracles happen when we surrender.  

Things don’t always happen as we plan them.  

I thought or had planned my very first chanting CD to be recorded in Chicago since I had already moved out of California.  I thought I would gather local musicians.  But… a year passed and I still didn’t find the right musicians.  I was getting antsy and a bit worried that it would never happen.  But I also knew that if it was meant to happen (the CD), it Would.   

Then… I don’t even know how it happened, or why, I SOON found myself back in California recording with my very first producer, Rene Van Verseveld.  We finished an entire CD in one week!  What a miracle it felt!

As sure as snow will eventually melt in Chicago, miracles do happen.  

SURRENDER and witness them happen.