Everything seems to always work out.  And even if they don’t work out as planned, I think in the end, we’ll be in perfect harmony.  

It was supposed to rain this morning.  Reports said that there was 80 percent chance of rain from 8 to 10 this Sunday morning (and class was 8:30-9:30 am).  

It drizzled a few times, but in the end, we had a joyous yoga practice in the middle of loads of greenery. 

The temperature was perfect.  I welcomed the drops of water hitting my body.

We looked up at the blue sky, instead of a ceiling.  We felt the wind in our skin.  We inhaled fresh air.  Shavasana (Relaxation pose) was so grounding, laying down outstretched, touching the earth.

What more can I ask for at that very moment?  Nothing more.  And nothing less.  

And after experiences like this, we are more equipped to accept things that come our way.  Come what may.




Since I do believe in Magic and Miracles, I like to take note of them.   

Recognize them in detail.  Make a list. 

It’s Magic that yesterday, at 4:43 in the afternoon, my 8-year-old niece said “Hi” to me over text.  She also informed me that she’s listening to “Fight Song by Rachel Platten”.  

I love that she even names the artist.  I think she’s also musically inclined.

Then she concludes her string of texts with a video of herself blowing me a kiss after drawing a heart via phone graphics.

That’s my version Magic!  And SHE is a Miracle to me.




Let the Divine Perfection inside you express itself.   Let it come out.

I forget to do this all the time.  And that is why I write about it.

We are so much more than what our minds think we are.  

We Shine.  We Brighten.  We Compel.  We Sore to great heights.  We get things done!  And Well.  We are Magnificent.

Often, I write down all the things I have accomplished at the end of the day.  Especially when I think I haven’t accomplished much .  And the list is  ALWAYS  longer than I had originally thought or felt.

Try it.  Write down everything.   

I hope you recognize a more Authentic, Vibrant, Brilliant, Divine self.




It’s hard to fly (or go anywhere at all) when things are weighing us down.  

Today, Let Go of judgements.  Or even just one.  Then FLY.

See what happens when you fly.  Tell me how it felt.

I have let go of any judgements toward yoga students who come to class and do What they want to do and When they want to do them — During Class.  

Yes: they come and pay and practice in a class setting, and then do other postures while everyone else is doing the posture the teacher is instructing.  And then yes, the same student tells you at the end of class how Wonderful it was.

I have a student like that who comes on a monthly basis.  

Obviously it isn’t just the teacher who is Baffled by this behavior.  The other students as well.  Especially the few who practice in close vicinity to them.  

I have learned to not take anything personally, especially behaviors from people whom I do not know personally.  

I may not agree with such behaviors, but I surely do not need to be offended by them.  At least not for long.  I try to let them be.  Let it be.








Magic happens all the time.  Miracles happen all the time.  

Do you believe this? 

I do!  

I hope you do too.







Know what you are doing.  

That may seem like a ridiculous statement.  Of course we Know what we are doing!  

Or do we?  

Do we pay attention to All we do?  Or are we just on auto-pilot.

Chris Bárez-Brown in his book Wake Up! says that autopilot kicks in because we are out of state and energetically unbalanced.

So Change things up.  Do things differently.  

I try this sometimes when going somewhere.  I take a different route.  Park elsewhere.

Even when I practice yoga, I take a different spot in the room.  Take different teachers. 




Thich Nhat Hanh says to Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.

I believe that one of the reasons we love to practice yoga is because we are barefooted. 

A yoga instructor colleague once said during class, “I get to work barefoot!  It can’t get better than that!"

Wearing shoes all the time results in weaker feet, and possibly injuries. 

Our feet consist of so many nerve endings.  Practicing barefoot connects different parts, points, and nerve ending with the floor. The movement of our joints, points and muscles leads to stronger feet.

Walk around barefoot more. 

And when I don’t get to, I wear one of my Vibram 5-fingers shoes.