It’s been exactly 2 weeks today since my (supposedly: food) allergies showed up.  I have tried just about all at-home anti-itch remedies.  Baking soda baths.  Oatmeal baths.  Turmeric and honey mask.  Witch hazel.  Apple cider vinegar.  Lemon — all over my hives.  Tea tree oil.  Hydrogen peroxide.  Olive oil.  Coconut oil.  Castor oil.  Lavender.  Frankincense.  Individually, and then all sorts of combinations.  

Of course I’ve also tried Aquaphor.  Aveeno skin relief.  Hydrocortisone cream.  Then there’s Claritin and Benadryl.  

I most often iced.   

I also did the master cleanse (lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup).

Now I am finally on Prednisone, which I refused for awhile, because I read the side effects.  But I haven’t been able to sleep.  Haven’t been able to do much else but itch.  Instead of getting better every day, I had gotten worse.  When I didn’t think it could get any worse, it sure did just that.  

I’m afraid to think that it might be these new omega supplements that just came out.  Before that, I hadn’t been taking any supplements. 

I have become afraid to eat anything.  Afraid to put anything on my skin.  

My purpose in ranting about this is that I am still grateful.  I got to finally do the master cleanse again.  I had only been thinking about doing it again and again.  This situation FORCED me.  

I was forced to cut a lot of my sugar habits too.  

After some relief from the Prednisone, I realized that I hadn’t concerned myself of my “To do” list.  I had not been thinking of solving any other problem except for my health.  My mind had been one-pointed.  Much like meditation, except it was FAR from peaceful or bliss.  But one-pointed nonetheless.   

We take our health for granted.  We take much for granted.  Though we try not to, we still do.  

My situation is still a mystery, but I am grateful to have some relief and sleep.  That’s a whole LOT to be thankful for!

I hope you take the time to see the good in what seems to be not-so-good.  Today and Every day.




Today, I had a student voice out that he was feeling light headed after our sun salutations.  

“Do you know why you might be feeling light-headed?”  I asked.

“Because I smoke?”  

I thought that was funny.  But sure.  Maybe.

I offered other reasons: Maybe we’re going up and down too fast for him?  Maybe the head below the heart is too much?  Maybe his system is not used to all the deep breathing?  Taking in more oxygen than he’s used to.  Or breathing out carbon dioxide faster than the body produces it?

There are more reasons (and some more serious ones too for sure).  

But I have to ask: Can you imagine living your whole life without EVER taking a deep breath?  I wouldn't doubt that there are many out there.  I know of a student who confessed that she has NEVER taken a deep breath before taking a yoga class at 80 years old.

Imagine taking shallow breaths ALL YOUR LIFE.  Breathing in for the count of 1 or 2.  Breathing out for the count of 2 or 3 your whole life!  

I’ve witnessed, yes, even yoga students, take very shallow breaths.  I’ve worked with helping them lengthen their breaths, for long periods of time.  Fifteen minutes.  Half an hour.  Week after week.  

It’s tough to change our habits.  

Breath deeply.  And often.  Let your hardships, your pain (whether physical, mental, or spiritual), remind you to take deep breaths. 

I have a friend who gets reminded to take deep breaths every time he washes his hands.

Find a reason.  Find the time.  

Pay attention to your breath.  Thank your breath for all its gifts.

“Prana” translates to “life force” or “life-giving force”.  “Vital energy”.  Prana is our breath.  Our life force.  Our vital energy.  We wouldn’t be here without our breath.




“I had no mind to come here tonight.  But I was driven by the silken hands of my heart.” - Darshan Singh

Life takes us to places we never dream of.  

I'm glad you're here.

I’m glad I’m here.








I’m still suffering from allergies.  They have gotten worse.  I’m thinking I’m actually allergic to Benedryl.  That’s frightening.

To be allergic to what is supposed to make you feel safe.  

Is there really a “SAFE place” anyway?  

Take chances.  Live.  Don't play it safe.  





Today I wore a shirt my cousin gave me.  It reads:  WE MUST TAKE ADVENTURES IN ORDER TO KNOW WHERE WE TRULY BELONG.

We must leave the comfort of our own home.  Not only to appreciate it when we come back, but to know for sure that that’s where we STILL want to be.





I came to teach a yoga class today and a student handed me this in writing:

“All beings support Yin and embrace Yang

 And the interplay of these two forces

     Fills the Universe

 Yet only at the still-point,

 Between the breathing in and the breathing out,

 Can one capture these two in perfect harmony 

 Lao Tzu:  the Tao Te Ching”

 I thanked him and asked, “What is this for?”

“It’s our class focus for today!”


And so, from beginning to end, we let out breath guide us.  Allowing the breath to come first, and then the movements.

And as I write this now, I let my breath guide my words.  

Prem.  That’s what the breath gave me just now.  Prem means Love.  Universal Love.