Have you heard of Tao Porchon-Lynch?

She's the oldest yoga instructor at the age of 99!  

She says, “There is nothing you cannot do”.  She proves just that!

I just found out she teaches in a town where a friend of mine lives.  I’m gonna go take a class from her!  New York here I come again!





I’m reading 90 Days of God’s Goodness by Randy Alcorn.  He mainly speaks of major tragedies, ones we often only witness from the sidelines — making the news.  

These individuals find themselves with deeper faith in God.  HOW do they find Light after Darkness?   

They believe in the God “Who knows the End from the Beginning”.  Because even though we don’t know what lies ahead, the Imperial God does.

“Our own knowledge is remarkably small,” he says.  “God’s is infinitely great.”  

There is nothing He does not know.  Therefore nothing can take Him by surprise.  Nothing can spoil His plans.  Nothing can thwart His promises.

One of the sufferers said, “I’m here to tell you, I would not have the relationship with God that I have, if I had not suffered deeply.  God revealed treasures to me that could only be found, I believe, in the darkness.”

When I was in 6th grade, one of my classmates and his family (mom, dad, older sister, older brother) were hit by a drunk driver.  All of his family died instantly.  He was in critical condition for awhile, but lived.  

I CANNOT even imagine what he went through (or is still going through).  The whole school was devastated.  We all knew the family — they were outstanding.  Beautiful — inside and out. 

He did come back to school when he got better.  I never really got to say much to him.  I mean, what do you even say?  I may be better equipped now as an adult, but I was 12 -years-old and I had never been that close to anyone losing his Entire family all at the same time.

How does one keep their Faith?  How does one begin to be grateful?  How does one even Live or Breath — never mind breathing Deeply? 



“When people lose their faith because of suffering, it suggests a weak or nominal faith.  It didn’t account for or prepare them for evil and suffering.  Any faith not based on the Truth needs to be lost, the sooner the better.  Suffering and evil exerts a force that either pushes us away from God or pulls us toward him.  But if personal suffering gives sufficient evidence that God doesn’t exist, then surely I shouldn’t wait until I Suffer to conclude He’s a myth.  If my suffering would, one day, justify denying God,  then I should deny him Now, in light of other people’s suffering.

Believing that God exist isn’t the same as trusting that God exists.”  — Randy Alcorn.

Know that We will all have a happy ending.  If it isn’t happy, it isn’t the end.





Yesterday morning I left my house without my phone.  Luckily, I use my phone for everything —  directions, taking notes, calculator, calendar, guitar tuner, music, audio books, voice memo, meditation, camera, etc.  So I noticed it soon after I drove off.  Otherwise I would have been without it all-day-long — from early morning until the late evening.

Today, it took me at least 2 hours to notice that my phone was missing.  Luckily I needed traffic information before driving off from work. 

I had NO idea where and when I last used it.

The cleaning lady found it!  

One of my friends tried to help me find it by calling it, but — I hardly have my ringer on.  So calling my phone is pretty useless.

AT&T seems to be forcing me to buy a new phone because it hasn’t been working very well.  And because of this, I was not too worried about not finding it.  Though I would still be lost without anyone’s phone number and email address, and much much more.

I am glad I am not tied to my phone.  I often leave it in the car or at home.

When I’m out with friends, unless I have another appointment after, there is no way I would even think about using my phone.

I have a friend who bans his family from bringing their phone inside a restaurant.

Also I think CALL your friends and family, instead of texting.  Hear their voice.  Take in their love.  GIVE love.  Via voice conversation.

Try to detach from your phone.  Try harder.  There’s so much beauty right in from of you.

Happy February!








"Health is Wealth.  Peace of Mind is Happiness.  Yoga shows the Way." - Swami Vishnu-devananda 

 Through yoga:

  1. Relax and Rejuvenate your mind.
  2. Increase your physical Strength and Flexibility.
  3. Improve your Concentration
  4. Help your body use Oxygen and Nutrients more efficiently
  5. Prevent Illness and Retard Old Age 
  6. Cultivate Gratitude

 The body is a vehicle for the soul and has specific needs for it to function optimally and smoothly.  We can use an automobile as a metaphor.  An automobile needs five things to function: a lubricating system, a battery, a cooling system, fuel, and a responsible drive behind the wheel.

1) Proper Exercise – ASANA (lubricating the moving parts of the car).

To keep the body strong and flexible, bringing blood flow and circulation to all the joints, muscles, connective tissue and organs.    

Keeps the spine flexible (flexibility of spine reflects age).

Keeps the internal organs functioning well.

2) Proper Breathing - PRANAYAMA  (charging the battery) - our main source of energy).

To maintain physical and mental energy. 

Breath is life itself - Longer breath means a longer lifespan.

By changing the breathing, you can change the frame of mind.

(For example: Depression = shorter breaths, Anxiety = holding the breath)

3) Proper Relaxation - SHAVASANA  (cooling system/to let the engine rest) - rest & repair. 

Without letting go of stress and tension in the body and mind, we break down physically or mentally.  This is just like letting a car engine rest, otherwise it will break down. When we take time for conscious relaxation, our organ systems can repair.

4) Proper Diet (fuel) - With good fuel and oil, your car runs well. 

A nourishing and balanced diet supports a healthy body and a clear mind. 

Supports the yogic lifestyle - remember, we eat to live, not live to eat.

Just as with a car, if we don’t put in good fuel, then we don’t run as well.

5) Positive Thinking & Meditation (driver behind the wheel)

In yoga, quality of life springs from quality of mind.  

When the mind is steady and positive, we can have a more positive impact on the world around us.

If the mind is unclear or negative, it is more likely that you will crash your vehicle. 

Often, it is the pain from crashing over and over again that brings us to yoga.

We can become better drivers by cultivating concentration and a steady mind, then we can pay better attention to the road!




“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is important that you do it”. -  Mahatma Gandhi

We never know what anything really means.  If you are compelled to do something, do it. 







Practice positive thinking




The book Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki, will not only give you a completely different perspective on your “things”, it can also free you to do more of the things you love.

He says that by parting with things for the sake of appearance, he began to worry less about how he looks to others. 

He let go of useless Pride and self-consciousness that plagued him like an extra layer of fat.  Preventing him from actually pursuing the things that matter most to him.

It freed him to Not be embarrassed to do anything.  

When he became a minimalist, he started doing whatever He wanted to do.  He became more engaged with the world around him.

He was no longer a super introvert.  He stopped being afraid of how people saw him. 

He could now easily keep up with housework, which lead him to more confidence. 

THIS is how the positive side of minimalism BEGINS. 

He wrote, “What happened to the introvert that I used to be?  Was I kidnapped by aliens?  Did they put a chip in me when I wasn’t looking?  


Furthermore: “Taking action leads to happiness.  

Minimalist have no positions that they are scared to lose.  THAT gives them the optimism and courage to take risks”.