Know what you are doing.  

That may seem like a ridiculous statement.  Of course we Know what we are doing!  

Or do we?  

Do we pay attention to All we do?  Or are we just on auto-pilot.

Chris Bárez-Brown in his book Wake Up! says that autopilot kicks in because we are out of state and energetically unbalanced.

So Change things up.  Do things differently.  

I try this sometimes when going somewhere.  I take a different route.  Park elsewhere.

Even when I practice yoga, I take a different spot in the room.  Take different teachers. 




Thich Nhat Hanh says to Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.

I believe that one of the reasons we love to practice yoga is because we are barefooted. 

A yoga instructor colleague once said during class, “I get to work barefoot!  It can’t get better than that!"

Wearing shoes all the time results in weaker feet, and possibly injuries. 

Our feet consist of so many nerve endings.  Practicing barefoot connects different parts, points, and nerve ending with the floor. The movement of our joints, points and muscles leads to stronger feet.

Walk around barefoot more. 

And when I don’t get to, I wear one of my Vibram 5-fingers shoes.





I went for dental cleaning today and since I had a new hygienist, I asked her what she thought about ‘oil-pulling’.

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique/remedy that involves swishing oil in your mouth for around 20 minutes. This is supposed to draws out toxins in your body, primarily to promote oral health. 

I have incorporated oil pulling into my daily oral hygiene routine for years now.  And have continually suggested it to others.  

Personally, my dental visits have proven it is doing something for me.  Plus, when I would miss some days of not doing it, while traveling, and I recognize that I Should be doing it.

But the hygienist today, did not have the same opinion as I.  She dismissed it completely.

Her point was that: she can barely get her patients (let alone her husband) to brush and floss for 2 minutes.   I totally get that.

She did, however, suggest ‘teeth and gum tonic’ which you could buy at some dental offices and definitely online for $35.  It is made up of organically grown herbs and pure essential oils.  Though, lately, I have been adding clove and peppermint essential oils to my oil pulling.

One of these days I may dish out 35 bucks for an 18 ounce bottle, which would last for 6 months.

Organic oil is not cheap either.  Plus, I think, the tonic, you only have to swish around for 30 seconds twice a day.




It’s amazing to see kids achieve so much at such a young age.  All around me are bright youngsters getting into Ivy League schools.  

Nowadays, it doesn’t seem to be enough to just get a Bachelor’s degree anymore.  

Do higher education and great achievements necessarily translate to an extraordinary life?

But the more important question to me is:  Are they at Peace?  Do they know how to find Joy in the simple things?  How to handle sorrow and loss?  How to live a Truly extraordinary life? 

What is an extraordinary life anyway?  What are we asking our children to do?  Are we teaching them the way to a stressful life instead of just finding the Wonder, the Marvel in the ordinary?

How about we show them the ‘joy of tasting tomatoes or apples’?

How about we show them ‘how to cry when pets die or people die’?

How about showing them ‘the infinite pleasure in the touch of a hand’?

How about we ‘allow them, and us, to make the ordinary come alive’?

The extraordinary takes care of itself.  

Living in the now IS extraordinary.

Living in appreciation of the simple things IS extraordinary.




Here’s another Breathing Exercise for you:

Inhale.  Take a Pause.

Exhale.  Pause.

Inhale. Pause.

The Pause (or Gap), when the breath comes in/out, and there is no movement, is the point where we can meet God.  Peace.  Love.  Divinity.  Or whatever you want to call it.





I read a post saying some prefer to be called an Educational Rockstar.

True.  And fun.  But no matter what we call them (or ourselves).  Educational Rockstar.  Teacher.  Guru.  Mentor.  We need to recognize that we are each other’s teachers.  That Whoever is in front of us is our teacher at the moment.  

Whatever is in front of us is our teacher.  Everything is our teacher, if we are willing to Learn.  And there is ALWAYS something to learn.




THANK YOU to those who courageously gave their lives and for those who bravely fight for us today.

We will not forget.  

Sure memories fade.  But not this.  We will ALWAYS remember.  Memorial Day.