I bumped into an older neighbor in the morning carrying a bunch of stuff, so I asked, “Have you been busy?”  Christmas being days away.  


She admitted, “I’ve been running around ALL morning — through the drizzle.  Through the rain…  And as I finished my last errand…”


I guessed because it was beautiful and sunny outside, “..the sun came out!”


She continued, “Yeah…  I said, OOOHHH, THAT’S how it’s gonna BE…  O… K…”  


She was bubbly and smiling from ear to ear.


ACCEPTANCE.  How  beautiful to see.







I saw this morning that #spiritvoyage on instagram liked my post of “Om Kali Durga Devi” song, so I checked out its content.  


I believe that things come to us at the exact moment we need them.  Or, things come when we ask (pray) for them, whether consciously or subconsciously (unconsciously).  So maybe this was the message I needed this morning:


“Mastery is a continuous condition.  Whether we accept it, believe it, have achieved it, or not.  It’s there waiting for us, to rise up into its condition.” - @gurusinghyogi 


It’s nice to hear (or recognize) MASTERY as our natural state.  That we ARE already masters


Whether we accept it.  


Whether we believe it.


Whether we have already achieved it.




Whether our human minds can accept it, believe it, or Not.






On most weekends, I try not to have any reason to set my clock’s alarm to wake me up.  I allow my body to be my alarm clock.  It usually knows what it needs.  


I set my alarm clock, not just for the time I need to wake up.  I set it 10 minutes before I have to walk out the door.  And then again when I actually have to leave.


I often set it when I’m cooking, baking, oil pulling, doing the laundry.  I use it to make sure that I make a phone call, send a text, email.  


I love naps, so I need it for that.  At home, in the car.  


I can keep going here.  I’m thinking now, that I should probably even start setting it half an hour before I should go to bed.  And when I really Should be in bed.  


A guru (teacher, guide, master, expert) acts as an Alarm Clock.  Wakes us up to the Truth.  To our Duty or Destiny (Dharma). 


I hope you have a wonderful teacher or guide.  And maybe we need one for every different aspect of lives.  For work.  For play.  For spirituality.  For our minds.  Our hearts.  Our bodies.  You name it.
















I am MUCH better now, if not all better. 


Last weekend (including Friday plus Monday), for a total of 4 straight days, 100 hours, I stayed home with nothing on my plate but to deal with my entire body full of hives.  By Friday it was all over except for my upper legs, calves, abdomen, lower back, and buttocks.  They went all the up to my chin and ears.  My entire neck felt raw.  By Sunday, my lip line and cheeks were beginning to turn red and itch as well.  They then showed up all over my back and abdomen.


I spent most of my days in the bathroom.  Treating them with all types of creams, oils, and ointments.  Under cold showers and/or cold baths.  In the middle of December in Chicago, I was taking cold baths.  


I would then cradle them in bed with ice.  (I am beginning to itch all over just writing about them now).


Not to mention not being to sleep or eat.  I was afraid to eat anything at all.  I was even afraid to add lemon to my water.


And this past weekend, I didn’t have to deal with any of that.  


Last week, I was Unable to sleep.  This week, I Didn’t want to sleep.  I wanted all my waking hours, enjoying my energy put into other things.  


I got so much done. I organized things I have not in years.   


I didn’t have to change clothes 5 times a day.  I didn’t have to change my sheets twice a day and do the laundry this weekend.  


My work didn’t stop.  My bills didn’t stop.  


Nothing stopped BUT ME.  


And maybe I NEEDED to stop.  


Maybe it was grace that MADE me stop.


Whatever that was, it was a blessing.  I am blessed.


Thank you to all who helped me in one way or another.




My 104-year-old student gave me an envelope today with a letter of appreciation and to share her life.  


This is my second year with her in class.  She’s well respected.  But only as I started to get to know her, did I realize how much, and how well deserved that respect is.  


I’ve been around music legends and famous actors, and such.  But this woman IS also phenomenal.  I always wondered what the big deal was.  We’re all people.  I try to treat everyone the same.  I look at what’s in the eyes, not what’s on their resume.  Yes, she IS astounding.  Her health, both physical and mental health, IS astonishing.  But does she deserve to be treated or looked at THAT special?  As I have gotten to know her, little by little, I believe she does. 


This woman not only knows what she Wants, but knows what she Has.  She knows when to Go for it, but she also knows when to Stop.  There are times she is Closed-minded, but there are times when she is so very Open.


After 80 years of marriage, many kids, grandkids, and great grand children, this woman is still going and going.


She still dreams.  She still hopes.  And she certainly still loves.  


“Life ends when you stop dreaming.  Hope ends when you stop believing.  And love ends when you stop caring.”  


Dream.  Hope.  Love.