Let's practice positive thinking.  Start today, and hopefully soon, it will become your way of thinking.  

I got my car towed this morning.  

Luckily, my first appointment was not work.  I was meeting my mom so we could take a yoga class together.  I tried calling her but she didn’t have her phone with her.  

I refuse to pay more money for a cab, so I jogged (just 2 miles) to where my car was.

My mom said, “Oh you’ll get that money back some other way…”  

I knew that.  And I said, “I already did!  I got offered a gig.”  

So the $200 towing fee was already covered.  

Thank you mom for your great influence in positive thinking.


Tey i hate your car got towed thats a pain!, but you made the best of it looks like and going to get a gig too, and you jogged 2 miles that was worth something, just hope it wasn't cold! :)
Always Beth :)
Thank you Tey for this special and very helpful reminder! The Universe has our back! :)

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