“Pruning is proactive ending” says Henry Cloud jn his book “Necessary Endings”. 

To prune is to cut off or cut back parts of, for better shape or for more fruitful growth.   

We prune what is no longer useful.  We prune to Improve the health (of a plant for example) .  It results in a healthier, more attractive specimen.

We prune flowers, trees.  Hedges.  We prune our monetary budgets.  We prune our essays, songs, poetry. 

But how do we know when to prune in our lives?  Our relationships?  Obligations?

It’s time to end something when it’s: already dead; clearly dying; or could never take us to our full potential.

Recognize what is not working anymore.  What is just taking up space now.  Maybe even bringing you down.  Hindering your growth.  Hindering or taking away your peace of mind.  

Ending is Difficult I know.  

Find the courage to PRUNE.  To recognize these NECESSARY Endings.  And to finally END them.

Ending frees us.  

Ending brings HOPE.

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