I’m still suffering from allergies.  They have gotten worse.  I’m thinking I’m actually allergic to Benedryl.  That’s frightening.

To be allergic to what is supposed to make you feel safe.  

Is there really a “SAFE place” anyway?  

Take chances.  Live.  Don't play it safe.  



Tey Just sayin this why don't you take a chance and maybe come to Atlanta sometime, or Me come there next year I'm saying this out of much respect to you I would love to see you again, please don't think of this as strange I'm trying to I guess ask and being safe as you said, I don't know when I could come or if you are planning anything like a tour or something? Maybe? You know me I wouldn't want to make you mad or you quit talking to me I would hate that! Will you consider thinking of that no problem if you can't I will understand! :)
I see what you are saying! I guess we all need to take chances every day, today I'm taking chances of trying to get a lot of work done before a major cold front comes in, and my right knee tells me that, sorry to have questioned you and life is way too short I feel I've missed a lot of things but I'm just hanging on and hoping for more opportunities to come my way!! Have a great day Tey:)
No I never had anything like this before. I'm just saying: Life is too short. Anything can happen. Take chances and in the end everything will always be ok.
Tey I hate that your allergies have got worse, that has to be hard, have you always had them? But allergic to Benadryl? That's dangerous, I have never ever questioned anything you have wrote but not understanding you saying live don't play it safe, I'm I just misunderstanding you but it don't sound like you to say that just saying I have no right to question at all at you can tell me that I'm just concerned that this allergic situation has you down and that's understandable, again I'm being concerned not mean, I hope you feel better soon have a great night:)

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