How are you SERVING OTHERS? 

I can’t really speak of some of the ways I GIVE or SERVE others as I cannot grant requests.  There are so many out there who need our help.

My friends tell me that answering fan emails and requests are karma yoga (selfless service).  Of course I have to pay for the autographed photos as well as the cost of mailing them.  This week I mailed out to Russia and England.  

I don’t have my own kids, but my friends who have children tell me, all my giving is similar.  As being a parent is definitely selfless giving.  

I do think my book “My Darling Sociopath” will serve others in recognizing a sociopath in their life.

I dedicate the book to the many men and women who have been, and are still, victimized by the 4% of the population who have no capacity to love or empathize.

Here’s an excerpt from the prologue:

Is there a sociopath in your life?  Would you be able to tell?  How soon?  Within a day, a month, a year?  What damage could transpire in that time?  What if, over that time, you’d begun to think that maybe you are the abnormal one, the paranoid one.  The sociopath’s minds does not work like the other 96 percent of us who are capable of feeling guilt.

But who among us would suspect such an encounter?  Most human beings are born with an innate sense of right and wrong.  Society further solidifies this idea.  Our relationships with other people are founded on the basis that everyone possesses this trait.  But a surprising number of people are born without a moral compass.  

Sociopathy (sometimes referred to as psychopathy) is an antisocial personality disorder, where a person has no regard for the feelings and welfare of others.  They will do anything and everything to get what they want at another’s expense.

Do you have a person that you are sincerely concerned about?  Does he or she do things that, to you, are beyond comprehension?  If you recognize this in your partner, family member, coworker, or friend, you might be dealing with a sociopath.”


Stan sounds like a generous and trustworthy friend. You are fortunate to have the friends you mentioned. Maybe you should also just focus on those friends since our time is limited. I will have to get the book out soon.
Yeah I get what you are saying about the man who paid for everyone's meal but mine, sometimes I feel quilty of accepting gifts from others, but on that situation I don't know how to call it but I see as it could be a compliment that maybe I didn't need it I take of myself and that is true I take care of myself and daughter and not worry about I get as a gift, so you make a valid point, sometimes during the Christmas season people often give out gifts at work lunches, parties etc I have saw some hurt by not getting anything and it turns bitter expecially family but it's not what you receive its what you give being a parent makes you a giver, so naturally I'm a giver and my friend Stan I speak of is a real giver he's a campus pastor, a local hardware chain regional manager I recently gave him the gift of a week of work to get him back in his house, but in return he takes us to the movies buys me and him a concert ticket, slipped $50 in a book he gave me so you can't break even because he's going to make it right and worth your while that's a great friend that I'm lucky to have! Anyhow I will keep what you said about paying for the meal in mind that this man may have meant good and not realized he left someone out or whatever the situation was, but it's all good and thanks for the reply me :))
It's wonderful to give, and to not expect anything in return. I'm glad to hear that you experienced that over the holiday season. Regarding this guy who paid for everyone else’s meal except for yours, have you considered that Maybe, it's a compliment? Maybe he knows that you love to GIVE more than receive. At the same time, do you give too much that you neglect to Receive? Are you uncomfortable receiving? We have to also know how to Receive. We have to Allow others to have the "good feeling" of giving to Us. Give THAT gift to others too.
Tey you need kids lol, you would be great with them i know, Then when they become teens you pull your hair out! But thats not my business just messing around, I think your book will be great and you already know i have been effected by a sorta Sociopath which liked to ended bad for me, and it still did for her, and you do a lot of selfless things for others, like you stated you pay to send autographs to other countries, thats selfless too, i imagine sometimes you feel why do i do so much good for others? I know sometimes you got to feel am i doing any good for others? but you are trust me! when i do good for others it bites me sometimes and again its rewarding, i feel i gave a lot for christmas to some and got not even a meal bought for me, i didn't let it bother me until a day or so before christmas me and the people i eat lunch with, the man got up a paid for everyone at the table but mine, it was kinda an empty feeling i was like did i say something to him to make him mad? i knew i didn't, the waitress was like you the only one he didn't buy for i'm like confused but knew they are people at the table that would buy me a meal if i needed it, and it would be the pastor i eat with i known for 27 years he loves my daughter and gave her a present and i know i can reach out to him anytime i need someone, i was still confused why someone would pay for a whole table and leave me out, but no answers its not about the money it was the principle of feeling insulted, but again i was talking about a rich old man, whom money is his life, he's always looking for another way to get even more money, i guess not being rich i can't comprehend a rich mans thoughts, and never will, so i will move on, Again i can't wait till you put your book out i have to have it!! have a great afternoon :)

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