Maybe I should be talking about the snow fall in Illinois.  How terrible it was to be right in the middle of it — driving.  

Yesterday, I was 25 minutes late for a 50-minute yoga class.  A drive which usually takes a half an hour, took me an hour and a half.  The other colleges all around the area closed early, but not mine. 

At 5 this morning, while driving to my first class, I thought the snow would have been all cleared away, but it was not.  I think the temperature outside was too cold to be efficient. 

But I love Chicago winters.  I do!  They are serene.  It makes life interesting.  And snow… is just so beautiful when fresh.  

Yes it’s dangerous in more ways than one.  But it’s also nurturing.

Yes it’s bothersome.  But it also saves lives.

Yes it adds the work of scraping car windshields.  But it also adds the color of purity in the eyes of the beholder.

Yes it’s freezing.  But it also makes summertime, spring, and fall, that much more appreciated.

Yes it’s frightening.  But it’s also HOME.



Tey snow is beautiful, peaceful but here in the southeastern states we are tired of the snow and cold, now we are rainy lol! But atleast it's warmer, and I will appreciate spring time more than I have in a long time, it's rough went through the flu, bitter cold days last year I was hiking through the whole year, but it had to change back to a little cold but went too far lol, well we can't control the weather but we have to appreciate the season that's on the way..have a wonderful day:)

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