Have you done Legs-Up-the-Wall pose (Viparita Karani) recently?  Oh please do it now.  

It can help in many ways.  It relieves stress to the physical body as well as the mind.

Viparita means “inverted”.  Karani means “in action”.  The pose inverts the typical action of our body (like when we sit or stand).  But more importantly, it shows us that less action can give us more.  

We have to know when to keep going and when to stop.  

Take the time to just be.  

Find contentment in the present moment.  But most of all: STAY in the present moment.  Not 2 seconds before and not 2 seconds after.  Not even a half a second before and a half a second later.  



Any videos on this? i would love to see one to know how exactly you do it i kinda can figure but if you have one let me know! :)

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