Today I wore a shirt my cousin gave me.  It reads:  WE MUST TAKE ADVENTURES IN ORDER TO KNOW WHERE WE TRULY BELONG.

We must leave the comfort of our own home.  Not only to appreciate it when we come back, but to know for sure that that’s where we STILL want to be.



Take adventures! Right on.
Oh you know it as I love taking adventures but knowing I have a place to come back to is always nice, but you have to leave your comfort zone, which at one time I found myself not wanting to leave but had to get over it, was always active in school and after just took a spell in the 2000's that I didn't want to do nothing the way I needed and that's when the weight started coming on, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes which was scary, so change had to come, so sometimes the comfort of home can be to comfortable, and as you know in 2011 I started hiking and that gave me the way out of that, so sometimes I still need reminded of how it used to be getting out breathing and all makes my life complete so I say to all take adventures :)

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