Honoring what has been.. and Welcoming what is to come.. Thank you for being part of it all!


Thanks for the positive vibes here Alan! Hahaha they wouldn't hike for $1000? Really?
I welcome what's to come, the surprises each day brings or week, so may not be good some are take the bad with the good, a simple thing as a new music realease day like Friday was it still excites me like the days of spending hours in a local record store the anticipation of that new album from a favorite band I miss the days of lining up or camping out for concert tickets, but line the convenience of online purchases now, but you never know what is to come and that exciting and scary . I have an old heart some say, and I think so too lol and believe you do too and it makes you appreciate things more to many times now I see young people can't stay focused long enough to enjoy the moment or the excitement, I guess when you grow up with I would say not having everything and you get older and see some not liking anything or appreciating their health it's kinda sad, going through a week with the flu made me think again about health like what if I was sick like this all the time and some are, foods we eat and drink and doing no exercise which I can't imagine now not doing and out enjoying nature, the ones that say I wouldn't hike if you gave me a $1000 I feel bad for them but some are not able but a lot don't want the challenge of it or afraid of it, sorry if I went off topic on this in thankful for you as always and may we all have a great day

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