“Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you’ll never get the same moment twice.”


Isn’t it about the journey anyway, and not the destination?


This is the same in a yoga asana (posture) class.  It isn’t about finally getting to the said posture.  It is about how you get there — the journey.  


And oftentimes, it takes years to “get there”.  To get to the correct posture.  Then, there’s always another “correct” posture.  Our bodies change.  So what may be correct today, may not be 2 years from now, or even 2 weeks from now.


We all need to be reminded, especially in these busy times, during this holiday season, about being in the moment.  Being present in our journey.  Because, it really isn’t about December 25th, is it?  That day comes and goes before we know it.  That day is also 24 hours, just like the one we have right in front of us.  But the “holiday season” is for many days.  So why not take each day, each meal, each gift, each trip to the store, each glance, each smile, each frustration, each tear?  Each MOMENT


It’s the same any where, any time, any place.  If we move too fast, we’ll miss the journey.  


Try not to miss a thing.


There is only ONE Holy Night a year.



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