Yesterday I talked about migraines and yoga.  I couldn’t help but tell all my other classes about it.  

One of the postures this yogi specifically mentioned was Matsyasana (Fish posture).  She did Not like the posture at all!  It was most difficult for her at first, almost impossible.  And of course, class after class, she became more and more comfortable with it.  She credits the posture to have helped her neck, thus her migraine.  (Yes she has had major neck issues as well)

The reason I am writing about this Fish-posture-story is that, oftentimes, it is the Thing that we Avoid, or is difficult to face, that we NEED the most.  It is the ONE that will solve our issue, once and for all.  

I notice myself doing that for sure.  

Why the avoidance?  

Is it the Fear of failing?  Or the fear of Finally succeeding at solving an issue, therefore having to deal with other issues thereafter?

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