I was born in the Philippines and people there eat with their hands (use their fingers) often.  My aunt, who lived with us in Chicago, used her hands at home to eat all-the-time.  

I eat with my fingers sometimes.  I love it. 

So when I was in India in 2014, using my hands to eat felt freeing.  

It felt home, or complete when eating with my fingers.  

In India, they talk about PRANA.  Life Force.

They compare eating with utensils (which doesn’t have Prana or Life) versus eating with your hands (which have Prana or Life).  Food coming from something that has Prana as opposed to food coming from something with NO Prana.

Scientifically, here are some benefits of eating food with our own hands:

1. Hands touching food will give strength to the body and mind (where millions of nerves send the signal to the brain.

2. When we touch the food with our fingers, brain signals the stomach so that proper digestive juices and enzymes are produced.

3. It ensures mindfulness and greater concentration. 

4. Metal reacts with oil and food looses its taste. 

5. When you mix food with our fingers, that ensures proper blood circulation.

6. The moment our fingers touch the lips, it produces saliva in the mouth.

7. Each finger in the hand has different characteristics:

Thumb: represents fire

Index Finger: air

Middle finger : Space (sky)

Ring finger : Earth

Small finger : water

When these fingers touch our food, LIFE forces will be activated in the body.

Happy Eating!

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