“The most Free person in the world is the one who has nothing to Hide.”


Truthfulness creates peace within.  


But many a times, we allow our Pride, our Ego, to lead our actions, thoughts, and feelings.  WE LIE.  Not only to others, but to Ourselves.  


We tell ourselves that we Should stay in the career we’re in that makes us a lot of money, no matter how little we enjoy it.  The same with parties and events — we go to them, no matter how much we are tortured by them.  We lie about our age.  Our past, present, and future.  We lie about our feelings.  Our health.  Our diet.  


We keep romantic relationships and friendships that we don’t want to be in.  We lie about our intentions.    


We lie about what we want and need.  We don’t admit to care about things we are actually passionate about.


WHY do we do it?  How do we FEEL when we do it?  What do our LIVES look like when we do these things.  When we tell these lies?


Let’s Practice.  Let’s Challenge ourselves.  To look within.  What do we really Want?


Be HONEST.  And we shall be FREE.


Yeah I have things to do indoors today, getting last minute wrapping of presents taken care of, not alot of stuff to do, I think Christmas slipped up on me more than I thought is part of what happened, I hate that i poured the problems like I did out to you, I hate to feel like I am a whiner, I hope it didn't make me look bad because I know whiners that nothing is never right with them and everyone hates to see this guy coming, I gotta get this alright for the new year, don't want to start the year off bad Merry Christmas lots of love Tey enjoy today and tomorrow :)
I'm glad this helped. If it's too cold outdoors, find another hobby indoors. Enjoy!
So true Tey we lie about things to make our lives look good to others and to Benefit ourselves or we think I have been there, it's funny you wrote this in the way I have been feeling the fast few weeks not that I'm a lier in a honest caring person and sometimes trust others too much, I really don't like my career but I have to stay with it and I admit it, romance forget it! Lol unhappy realationships, pretending it's ok, I would love both more then to have romance in my life but too, stubborn and with a teen it's hard too! Anyway perfect blog for tonight, I got to breathe and it's cold here so I can't hike or anything so that ms a problem too, but it will pass

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